Patriotic Party Decor

Patriotic Party Decor

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The 4th of July has always been my favorite holiday. Declaring our independence, the history, the summertime, the light show…I get butterflies thinking about 4th of July celebrations! When growing up, my family celebrated the holiday at my grandparent’s country club in Northern Virginia, just outside of our beautiful Nation’s Capital. In true summer fashion, we would spend the entire day cooling off at the pool and devouring chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches during the mandatory 15 minute “ swim breaks”. When the sun began to set, we would head up to the clubhouse for hotdogs and hamburgers, music, and the highly anticipated fireworks show.

Maybe it’s just the fond memories I have from when I was younger, but celebrating the 4th has always been a big deal for me, a day to enjoy and celebrate our pride for our country…..Our great country, that so many courageous men and women have fought so bravely to protect.

I look forward to hosting my own 4th of July celebrations one day, sharing in that fellowship with family and friends, and providing them with that giddy happiness the holiday brings for me. For those of you planning a celebration, no matter how extravagant or intimate, I found a few festive pieces to take your 4th of July to the next level…


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Just a little aside: That white plate is currently part of my every day dinnerware collection, all from Dollar tree. Super affordable! And as an added bonus, I have gotten many compliments from friends!

What are some of your traditions for the 4th of July?


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  1. love this table setting- going to use this next year to celebrate Military Martha and Liberty Belle’s birthday! They’ll love it… and be surprised that I could make a table look so pretty! Thanks for the ideas Jordan!

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