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Beat the Heat: Indoor Activities to Keep You Cool


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Summer can be exhausting- the sun, the heat, and the endless amount of activities that families try to cram in during the three months the kids are out of school. With all the fury that is summer time, it’s hard to believe you will spend any time inside. However, there are days when it’s raining or when it is simply too hot to be outside. And when that time comes, your kids will want some fun things to do indoors.

Work-at-home mom? Then even these activities are perfect to keep the kids busy while you work!

With that in mind, we have compiled a list of fun, indoor summer activities to keep your little ones busy and keep you sane. We have broken down the list into several different categories to help you find exactly the type of activity your child might be interested in that day: arts and crafts, games, cooking, and technology. Happy Summering!


Arts and Crafts
• Watercolor Butterflies: Drip food coloring onto coffee filter liners. Once dry, pinch the top and bottom of the filter into the middle. Secure with a clothespin. Hang on your window and allow the sun to catch the beautiful colors!
• Playdoh: Make your own Playboy using flour, cornstarch, canola oil, salt, and water. Click here for the recipe. Add a packet of Kool-Aid for a sweet smell and some food coloring for wonderful colors!
• Finger-painting: Obviously regular finger-paint is what comes to mind first, but to give kids something new to do, try using pudding or shaving cream.
• Macaroni necklaces: Help the children to dye the macaroni pieces using food coloring and vinegar. Once the macaroni pieces are dried, string onto ribbon or string to make colorful necklaces or bracelets.
• Make musical instruments: Empty tissue boxes and rubber bands make great guitars; toilet paper rolls filled with rice or dried beans and capped on each end make wonderful maracas, and empty boxes with wax or parchment paper on one open side make great drums. Let the kids decorate their instruments and then have a dance party!

• Build a fort using pillows, chairs, and sheets.
• Go “swimming” in the bathtub with cool water. Use your pool toys, beach toys, or snorkeling gear to make it extra fun.
• Have a scavenger hunt: either one child can make the hunt and the other(s) look, or the parent can create the scavenger hunt for the kids.
• Build a spaceship: Use a large box, such as a refrigerator box or wardrobe box, and let kids decorate it to make a spaceship or whatever else they would like! (Come on military families, I know you have a TON of extra boxes in your house! If not, head over to Home Depot or Lowe’s and see if they will let you have theirs from the displays)
• Play dress-up with old Halloween costumes or mom and dad’s clothes (with permission of course!). Old Ball gowns and uniforms are extra fun for the kids to use.
• Play freeze dance: Play music and stop at random times. Everyone freezes when the music stops!
• Go camping indoors: set up a tent, make s’mores, and tell scary ghost stories.
•Go bowling: Use half-filled water bottles as pins and knock them down using a small ball.

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• Make cookies or cupcakes and help the children measure the ingredients correctly and mix everything together. Allow them to decorate their treats when they are cool. Enjoy!
• Make juice popsicles for those super hot days.
• For a special lunch, let the kids make their own mini-pizzas on English Muffins.

• Rent a new movie and snuggle on the couch with some special snacks and popcorn.
• Here are a list of kid friendly and educational websites that are fun for the little ones:
o Kidsites.com– This website breaks down different kid-friendly websites into educational and fun categories.
o PBSkids.org– A great site for younger children with fun games and activities.
o Funbrain.org– This website masks education with entertaining games such as Math Baseball and Grammar Gorillas.
o Starfall.com– Another good website for little ones beginning to read. It helps to teach reading through phonics.

We hope that these activities and games give you some ideas of how to beat the heat this summer. Do you have any special things you like to do with your kids when the summer weather isn’t cooperating? Leave your suggestions in the comments section below!


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