Army Wives Season 6 Episode 18 Recap – “Baby Steps”

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Tensions are running high as per usual for the families of Fort Marshall but with a deployment looming, Roxy’s pregnancy quickly progressing and Gloria and Hector’s marriage crumbling things have never been so unstable. In the newest episode of Lifetime’s Army Wives, entitled “Baby Steps” emotions run high as every family struggles with their own demons.

In the LeBlanc household things have never been so bad; after hearing Chase’s (Jeremy Davidson) offer for a non-military job for Trevor (Drew Fuller) Roxy (Sally Pressman) thinks she may finally see a light at the end of the Army wife tunnel. Things come to a head though when she tries to talk to Trevor about the mere possibility of ending his military career. To make matters worse “Baby Steps” sees the return of Marta (Gigi Rice), Roxy’s mother with whom she shares a strained relationship.

Gloria (Alyssa Diaz) faces her own marriage crisis when her and Hector’s (Joseph Julian Soria) marriage counselor suggests that divorce is the only option remaining. After much soul searching, and prayer, from both halves of the couple Gloria finds a way to forgive Hector and welcome him back home.

While General Clarke (Robert John Burke) is busy preparing for the upcoming deployment he fails to realize that things are far from perfect between his wife and his sixteen year old daughter. The situations quickly devolves when the General receives orders to deploy the following day, not in a month’s time as was originally planned.

Charlie (Ryan Michelle Bath) and Nicole (Kelli Martin) begin facing their own set of challenges this episode as they begin to think about having children together. When the subject of adoption is brought up Charlie admits that she wants to carry the couple’s first child herself. After much debate between the two, and a rejected proposal for Roland (Sterling K Brown) to be the father, the two women decide to look into artificial insemination.

Denise (Catherine Bell) is perhaps the only wife this episode to avoid a personal crisis as she is instead encouraged from all sides to continue her education and reach for a higher goal in the medical profession. With Frank’s (Terry Serpico) support Denise takes the plunge and registers for her nursing degree program.

Noticeably absent from “Baby Steps” are the Holdens; while Michael (Brian McNamara) makes a few brief appearances Claudia Joy (Kim Delaney) is not so much as mentioned until the episode’s final few moments.

The final few minutes of “Baby Steps” takes the audience five months into the future: Roxy goes into labor while Hector’s one night stand shows up on his doorstep pregnant. Army Wives will be taking a one week break, with the new episode returning in two weeks time. What’s next for the residents of Fort Marshall? Roxy’s delivery gets scary fast while Gloria is faced with her husband’s mistake all over again.

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