Army Wives Season 6 Episode 15 Recap – “Tough Love”

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Hector cheating, Denise shooting a serial killer, Marcus meeting secretly with David, Roxy pregnant with twins; that’s how viewers were left at the end of the previous episode of Army Wives. Not one to disappoint the latest episode of Lifetime’s hit show, entitled “Tough Love” brought not only the drama but more than it’s fair share of tearjerking moments as well!

Turmoil and panic run rampant in the Burton household as David (McCarrie McCausland) has apparently gone missing. While Joan (Wendy Davis) and Roland (Sterling K Brown) frantically search for their missing son David himself spends his time enjoying the company of his biological father, though under the strictest secrecy. When Marcus (Lawrence Gilliard Jr.) gets into a street fight, with David by his side, the Burton’s are notified and all hell breaks loose, with Joan and Marcus going head to head once more. However by episode’s end the two find a mutual respect for one another and agree to set aside their differences to do what’s best for David.

Meanwhile things are tense at the Sherwood and Holden households. After last week’s shocking turn of events for the two friends (in which they were held hostage by a serial killer until Denise was able to take his gun and fatally shoot him) Denise (Catherine Bell) and Claudia-Joy (Kim Delaney) find they are both still reeling from the aftermath. Claudia-Joy, feeling helpless, tries her hand at the gun range while Denise seeks out the comfort and guidance of a Chaplain.

Roxy (Sally Pressman) and Trevor (Drew Fuller) set aside their baby joy in “Tough Love” to help out a couple of friends who have fallen on tough times. Trevor’s roommate from his days at OCS Cody was injured in Afghanistan and burned badly. When Cody and his wife Jessica find themselves at Fort Marshall for the latest in a serious of reconstructive surgeries for Cody, Jessica confides to Roxy her deep unhappiness. By episode’s end tragically Jessica is nowhere to be found and a heartbroken Cody is taken in by Roxy and Trevor.

All is not quiet on the Cruz front, as much as Gloria (Alyssa Diaz) may think otherwise. When Hector (Joseph Julian Soria) returns home, after days with no contact, he fumbles over an apology to his wife and concedes that she should keep her job at The Hump. A few short TV moments later he is surprising her with a “just because gift”, though Roxy plants the seed that it may be more of a “guilt gift”. Sure enough Gloria finds the proof, unintentionally of course, on Hector’s computer and though he promises it means nothing Gloria is swift in kicking him out.

Previews for next week’s episode, entitled “Battle Scars” look tantalizing to say the least. Kelli Williams is back as Nicole and there is trouble in paradise for the series’ first openly gay couple. Meanwhile Trevor gets fed up with Hector’s complicated personal life interfering with his professional one and thoughts about Africa come back once again to haunt Frank.

Tune into Army Wives Sunday’s at 10 PM EDT on Lifetime.


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