Army Wives Season 6 Episode 16 Recap – “Battle Scars”

As fans of Lifetime’s Army Wives tuned in for the newest episode, entitled “Battle Scars”, they were surely waiting with baited breath to see what would next befall the residents of Fort Marshall.

In last week’s episode Gloria (Alyssa Diaz) discovered, though he didn’t say it in so many words, that Hector (Joseph Julian Soria) had slept with another woman. After angrily throwing him out of the house Gloria heads over to Roxy’s (Sally Pressman) place seeking comfort. Hector must face yet another lecture from Trevor (Drew Fuller) and his other superiors and when an ultimatum is issued – Hector attends marriage counseling or faces demotion – he makes the effort. Meanwhile Gloria meets Roxy’s houseguest Cody (John Kelly) and though the two face an awkward first meeting they soon find they have more in common than they think.

Roxy spends much of “Battle Scars” trying to convince Cody, who was wounded in action and now lives with disfiguring burn scars on his hands and face, that he still has a lot to live for. Trevor tries a different approach telling Cody that he can stay in the Army in a non-combat role.

Claudia Joy (Kim Delaney) takes an interesting role in this episode as she in introduced by Denise (Catherine Bell) to a World War II veteran whom the VA has accidentally listed as deceased. The two share a few poignant moments on screen but the plot line serves more as comic relief than anything.

Outside of work Denise and Jackie (Kelli Williams) discuss the plans for the upcoming deployment while on duty Frank (Terry Serpico) feels as though he’s being punished or Africa by being left behind at Fort Marshall while two of the three battalions are set to deploy.

The most touching part of “Battle Scars” is the revisitation of Charlie (Ryan Michelle Bathe) and Nicole (Kellie Martin). Still the show’s only openly gay couple, the two women are busy trying to plan their upcoming wedding while a visit from Nicole’s mother looms ahead. When her mother finally arrives Charlie loses her patience and unceremoniously blurts out that the two of them are engaged. Stung by Charlie’s words Nicole’s mother rushes out; in a truly touching moment she returns for Nicole’s medal presentation.

Next up for fans of Army Wives is next week’s episode which will see the return, albeit brief, or Pamela and Chase which will lead to a surprising decision Trevor is forced to make.

What was your favorite or least favorite part of this week’s episode? Share with us in the comments below…

Tune into Army Wives Sunday’s at 10 PM EDT on Lifetime.


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