My Dogtags Review

My Dogtags is a company that offers personalized military spec dog tags and chains from the same manufacture that supplies the US Army dogtags. My Dogtags offers a huge selection of choices to help make your dogtags  a personal match with over 16 different materials and colors of dogtags, 30 colors of silencers, and 25 chains and fastener types. They also make a great gift and offer 10 different gift packages! You also have the choice of having your personalized message either embossed like modern dogtags or de-bossed like vintage dogtags.

The My Dogtags website is extremely easy and convenient to use, and they even have a mobile app to make things even simpler from your mobile device. You start by entering the text that you would like each of your tags to read (you can even include a star, heart, or cross symbol). As you scroll down the page it takes you through each of the following steps –choosing a font, choosing your dogtag style, choosing your silencer colors which can be different if you want them to be, choosing your chain or fastener, and your optional gift pouch. It was incredibly easy to maneuver through the site and actually quite enjoyable because you can update your options every time you pick one so that you can see exactly what your dogtags will look like when they ship.

I ordered several different sets including both embossed and de-bossed, shiny and matte, regular tags and tags with rivet holes, and the classic notch. I got silencers in several different colors including black, pink, purple, Army camo, and USMC camo. The transaction was easy and simple, and in the shopping cart they show you exactly what all of the stuff you ordered will look like. They tell you to allow for at least 2 weeks for shipping, but considering how personalized they are I wasn’t shocked at the wait time and was even more excited when they arrived at my door only a few days later!

I was incredibly impressed by the finished product! The dogtags do in fact look exactly like the military issued set hanging up in my bedroom! They are all very well made, the text was accurate and easy to read, and the silencers were the perfect touch. These really are the perfect gift, which is why I ordered a few sets for my family. I can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks of their new personal dogtags! My daughter is 2 and was thrilled to have a set just like her daddy’s!  The best part was probably their incredibly affordable price at only $7.99 for most sets of dogtags – including the silencers and chains. The company was also great to work with and had incredibly customer service. If you are looking for a fun and thoughtful gift for your loved ones of all ages and genders I definitely recommend looking into get them a personalized set of dogtags from MyDogtags!

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