Finding the Silver Lining

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It is so easy to fall into self-pity as a military wife. We are faced with things on a daily basis that would make most people’s heads spin. We can’t fall apart though can we? Falling apart is not in our make-up, not something acceptable in this lifestyle.

We have to face everything head on and make it work, regardless of how difficult or even impossible it may seem. But that doesn’t mean we don’t struggle. It doesn’t mean we don’t scream, cry, curse the day he joined and swear we are done. The difference is we always get over it.

After years of this life I would like to think I am pretty good at finding the positive in the negative. It took awhile mind you, awhile, but I got there. The anger still surfaces, the pity-party gets slightly underway but now it is short lived and I push myself past the frustration into acceptance and then even sometimes into understanding and excitement.

See, all we can do when faced with difficult situations or unfair and frustrating times is to find our own silver lining.

Here is how I found mine recently. I am very pregnant and had to PCS a thousand miles to our new station, in a new city and new house. A week after we got here, the hubs left me. He had to go back and finish his tour at his outgoing unit.

So here I am 8 months pregnant, house to unpack and organize, a baby’s room to fill, tons of doctor’s appointments, hospital tours, classes, you name it. And my husband is a thousand miles away. I had to find the positive. So I talked with my mom and she decided to come and take a long vacation to be with me for the time hubs is gone. Amazing right?

She has been here for a few weeks and we are having an amazing time. We are shopping for the baby, decorating her room, going to the beach and best of all, I am not alone. She comes to all of my doctor’s appointments, holds my hand and helps around the house so much.

My mom is my silver lining. This time we get to spend together is such a gift.

So, even though I miss my husband and get sad he misses so much, I found the acceptance, pushed for my silver lining and got it, it’s just what we do, right?


3 thoughts on “Finding the Silver Lining”

  1. This made me choke back some tears. My husband is deploying soon and my mother is my silver lining too. She will be by my side a couple of weeks after he leaves. It will be my first deployment, so knowing I will have her here, if just for a week, means the world to me.

    I hope your husband is home in time for the birth. Congratulation on your pregnancy, and may peace be on your side through all the rough patches. But with mom by your side you got this!

  2. Thank you so much Nicole! We are two very lucky people to have such amazing women to call our mothers. I only hope I can be half the mom she has been. Good luck to you, know that you are not alone, we are ALL here for you.

  3. Carrie and Nicole Marie,

    Today, I started practicing in a new location 2 1/2 hours from where I used to be.

    I am not extremely pregnant, and my wife is not deployed (she’ll be joining me in the next couple of months, and I still get to see her on the weekends)….yet it’s still been stressful for both of us. I can’t imagine what you’ve gone through.

    Reading your stories really puts things into perspective. You and your Mom are rocks, and YOU ALL ROCK! Thanks for the inspiration, and thanks for sharing!

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