Courage Cakes Review

Courage Cakes is a company that was founded by six business students from the University of Washington in Seattle as a way for people to show appreciation for our troops. When I spoke to the Marketing Manager at Courage Cakes he shared with me that their mission is to platform a product that will allow people all over the United States to have an opportunity to send a taste of home and share their gratitude with our troops where ever they are, be it here in the states or on the front lines.

I know we all try and come up with creative and fun things to put together to send in our care packages to let our service members know we are thinking of them. And, we have all tried, or considered trying, to make those do it yourself Cake in a Jars to send to our loved ones overseas, and let’s face it they are a pain, a mess, and you stress about them getting to our service members after weeks in transit still intact and hopefully not moldy. Well, Courage Cakes offers a creative, safe, and easy way to do just that.

Courage Cakes is set up so that you can send your overseas service members a single serving of cake with a personalized message. They offer 3 flavors – Veteran Vanilla, Yellow Ribbon, and Fearless Fudge—they also offer a 3 pack of refills, candles to send with, and a keepsake lid that you can personalize with full color graphics and messages that will surprise your loved ones when they twist it open.

I was able to sample the Fearless Fudge and Yellow Ribbon, and let me just tell you, they were delicious! The perfect combination of fluff and gooey sweetness wrapped up into the perfect tiny little package of simplicity. All you have to do is dump the cake contents into the jar, mix with some water, and microwave for 30 seconds and out pops a little piece of warm, homemade tasting goodness. I would have to say after taste testing with my two year old daughter that our favorite was definitely the Fearless Fudge.

All that Courage Cakes has to offer for the military community is wonderful, but I think the best part is their plus one program. Courage Cakes designed the plus one program so that anytime a Courage Cake is purchase they donate one to Operation Gratitude for free. Operation Gratitude collects donations and puts together care packages for people overseas. So the way I see it the plus one program and purchasing from Courage Cakes is a win! You buy for your loved ones and share the love with another service member somewhere.

For more on Courage Cakes and to make a purchase, please visit their website


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