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Base Camp Hope

Diane Kinney has a vision…a BIG vision.  She’s the Executive Director of Base Camp Hope, and if her vision becomes a reality, it will revolutionize how veterans with so-called mental “disorders” (PTSD, anxiety, depression) heal their invisible wounds and reintegrate back into society.

I had a chance to sit down with her recently, and we discussed the limitations of how veterans with combat-related issues are currently handled.  She believes that the best way for these veterans to fully reintegrate is to support their “mind, body and spirit.” I agree. 

Her faith-based approach is simple, holistic and ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT…because it actually does address the “mind, body and spirit.”  

Imagine a place where veterans could stay (for up to a year) and utilize anger management classes, drug and alcohol counseling, and other classes specifically addressing marital relations, military sexual trauma, PTSD, stress, etc. (plus things specifically designed for female veterans)

Imagine a place where veterans have access to art classes, music classes, writing classes, equine (horse) therapy, and canine (dog) therapy.

Imagine a place where veterans would have access to physical therapy, chiropractic adjustments, and other physical modalities.

Imagine a place with over 100 acres of land, where veterans have the opportunity to plant seeds, work the land, harvest crops, and produce locally grown fruits, vegetables, grass fed beef, free range chickens, and cage free eggs.

Now imagine places like this…in all 50 states…with thousands of veterans utilizing these services…  

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