After Wedding Paperwork

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I was so looking forward to marrying my best friend and entering this amazing community. However, in the back of my head, I couldn’t shake the thought of how much I was (and still am) dreading having to handle all the paperwork of changing my name on all my government documents. I can be a stressed person by nature (we’re working on it) so knowing that not only did I have to change basic forms, my new husband and I had to register me with the Marine Corps. I felt like I was getting married twice. To be completely honest, I was unsure of the variety of forms and notifications I needed to fill out…

Thankful for all the military paperwork, I have a wonderful friend and mentor who is always helpful and supportive whenever I have a question. If you are a new military spouse, I honestly recommend one of those, they are golden! Reach out to someone through Facebook, blogging, or someone who works with your spouse – people are willing to offer advice, if you are willing to ask.

For the rest of those unruly forms outside of the military, from having to change your Social Security card and driver’s license, to informing your bank of your name change and your voter registration, I highly recommend using the site http://www.missnowmrs.com. It’s perfect for anyone who tend to get a little overwhelmed easily when handling major changes. The company charges a small fee, but all of the documents are together and organized like a to-do list; people like myself love to-do lists. The program has absolutely everything you need to change down to your social media sites. It took me all of 20 minutes to fill out and print the forms. Throughout the entire process, mailing out the printed information has required the most work. It is making the entire process much easier.

*Disclaimer: There may be other web sites similar to this service; it’s just the one I personally used.


1 thought on “After Wedding Paperwork”

  1. Jordan, I swear you read my mind.
    Even though I have been married to my husband for 2.5 years I am just now changing my name. Why did I wait so long? I did want to change my name for the moment we were pronounced husband and wife, the only complication was that as a Spanish citizen and I am not allowed to change my name. I thought there was no way to get around it until I met another foreign wife who had been in the same situation. She told me my green card can have my married name and my passport can stay maiden, which meant I could go ahead and start putting my married name on my SS#, DMV and you name it.
    I just began my process and like you I’m also a stressed person by nature. I have my list and I’m scratching this off as I go and taking my time.
    This has been an extremely informative post and something that has not been touched upon before. Thanks for all the great advice!

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