The Arms that Carry an Army

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When thousands said no, you said yes. 

When thousands ridicule and misunderstand, you calmly twirl the ring on your left hand, you wait, you pray.

You choose to serve as your soldier, sailor, marine, airman and coastie chooses to serve.

You honor the flag, honor the service, and honor your spouse by holding strong, by pressing onward, by embracing the journey.

You are one of few who can feel more love while a heart is breaking, while a spouse is leaving, while a bus pulls away, than most will know in a lifetime.

You sleep alone, eat alone, build and sustain a family while your partner cannot be there.

You love him not in spite of it, but in so many ways, because of it. You love a man who puts you and a nation before his own life, his own security.

You are a spouse who puts your comfort behind that of a country’s.

You are one of the few. You are one of the chosen. You are one who gives strength, who shares trials, who carries those around you as we all take the steps and live the life while half of us goes to war.

You belong to a sisterhood of strength – the arms that carry an army. 

Your silence I know to be strength.

Your tears I know to be pride.

Your nightmares I know to be choking.

Your heartache I know to be constant.

Your joy I know to be deep.

Your fear I know to be freezing.

Your hands I know to be empty.

Your heart I know to be full.

I am one of you. One of the few. One of the many.

One of the chosen.

Chosen to love a man who serves.

Thank you for carrying me with you. Thank you for giving me strength. Thank you for being the arms that cradle the Army.


4 thoughts on “The Arms that Carry an Army”

  1. Beautifully said. It is a choice that us military spouse choose to make every day. We don’t have to, sometimes we don’t feel like we can, and yet we do, for the love of our service members!

  2. Yet again, from my heart to your words. I love reading what you right, you give hope, understanding, compassion and a voice to many, thank you xx

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