So You’re Having a Baby?

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Having a baby is one of the most nerve wrecking things that anyone can go through. We have to take care of a tiny little person… and still take care of the house, our other children (if we have others), maybe go back to work and still endure the ups and downs of military and regular life.

Sometimes our spouse isn’t able to be there for the birth because of deployments, school, field training, or other various reasons the military has for sending our spouses away. If we’re lucky, our spouse is able to be with us for the birth of our child (ren) and for 10 days after delivery.

Some of the most important things to know when having a baby in the military are:

-If your spouse isn’t able to be there for the birth, you will need a special power of attorney to enroll the baby (or babies) in DEERS and TriCare.

-Make sure you get the report of birth from the hospital. This will allow you to enroll your child (ren) into DEERS and TriCare before the birth certificate can be obtained. You do not need a social security number for the child right away, but as soon as you get it you do need to report it to DEERS so they can update their system.

-Before your baby can be seen for his/her first well baby check up, he/she has to be enrolled in DEERS and TriCare.

-You will have to enroll your child into DEERS before you can enroll him/her into TriCare.

If you’re having a baby overseas, make sure you check with your local DEERS office to double check exactly what needs to be done. Keep in mind that if you have a baby overseas it will take a bit longer to receive the birth certificate and passport then it would if you were in the states and you will not be able to apply for your child’s social security number until you have received the birth certificate.


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