Pointers for Case Lot Sales

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I don’t think any place can be compare to a Case Lot Sale. When my husband and I were married, we found one on base and were stunned at the incredible prices. Ever since then I have been a true Case Lot Sale fanatic.

I’ve been attending Case Lot Sales for about two years and here are a few pointers I have learned:

What is a Case Lot Sale?

Basically, it’s the military version of a Sam’s Club or Costco, but with fewer items and only around for a limited time.

When are these Case Lot Sales happening?

Your local commissary will tell you when the Case Lot Sales will be held. They will normally have signs throughout the commissary, the base and the official commissary website (which will help you plan ahead.) The Case Lot is always held during commissary hours and in a big area, open or covered.

Commissaries usually have two Case Lot Sales a year: one in the April/May timeframe and the other around September. Keep an eye out on your local commissary for more information on when to expect one.


Be prepared.

I live in a desert, where its sunny 364 days out of the year and the average temperature is in the high-60s (minus the summer times when it easily hits 100 degrees), so I definitely dress in light clothing. Have sunscreen on and bring lots of water (the commissary will normally provide free water, just a small gesture.)

Be patient!

First time I went to a Case Lot Sale it took two hours to get in and another two to get the items and leave.

Unlike the commissary itself, the Case Lot Sale isn’t something where you go in and grab what you need, pay and then leave. There is a lot of waiting around. Waiting to get in. Waiting to get your items. Waiting to check out. If its just you I advise you to bring a magazine, book or your e-reader, it makes time go by fast. If you are with a child make sure to bring them something that will keep them occupied.

But remember, be patient.

Is it worth it?

Yes! But it also depends on what you buy. For instance, my husband and I drink lots of soda and water. Normally a 24-pack of soda costs roughly around $6 – $8, at the Case Lot Sale you will see them go for about $3 – $4.

Worthy items:



Diapers (but they don’t carry every brand)

Sports drinks

Dog food

Cleaning products

Children snacks (i.e.: goldfish)

When is a good time to go?

If you go the first day, go when it opens. This will help avoid the crowds as much as possible, get the great deals and be able to get your hands on items that will sell fast.  

The advantage of going during one of the last days is that a lot of the items have gotten cheaper than at the start of the sale. Downfall, a lot of the items will be gone.

Can I bring coupons?

Of course! Just make sure you can use those coupons at the Case Lot Sale. Also, the Case Lot Sale will have coupons handy for you and sometimes automatically discount items at the register.

What are your Case Lot Sale tips? What are some of your favorite items to buy?


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