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From Boot Camp to Veteran

Photo Credit: Dr. Anthony Macioce

“Recently, the Homefront United Network was represented at a military event in Minnesota.  

Once a year, St. Paul’s Fort Snelling transforms into a reintegration briefing, health fair, yoga studio, fashion runway, lecture hall, and more!

The Seventh Annual “From Boot Camp to Veteran” was held at historic Fort Snelling in St. Paul, MN to SPECIFICALLY honor past, present and future female veterans.  It featured booths, speakers, and unique breakout sessions.

One breakout session covered saving for retirement. The instructor was an intelligent, funny, good-looking young man. Needless to say, his session was VERY well attended. Other sessions got attendees moving, with both dance and yoga. 

In addition to breakout sessions, “From Boot Camp to Veteran” featured a variety of speakers. To kick things off, a doctor spoke about Military Sexual Trauma, a devastating epidemic that goes mostly unreported. Unfortunately, if reported, it’s frequently unacknowledged.  The Homefront United Network will be exploring this topic in the near future.

Other speakers included a chiropractor who taught attendees how to “Get a Grip on Stress!” and Melissa Olson, a dietetic intern from the VA who talked about nutrition.

A lunch was served featuring gourmet creations from a local catering business.  During lunch, attendees were treated to a “Dress for Success” fashion show where various women from the VA showcased functional attire for job interviews and other work situations. 

The event also featured a number of interactive booths, highlighted by the multipurpose “Veterans in the Arts.”  Among other things, the two highly energetic female vets at the booth espoused the benefits of equine therapy for PTS Injury and introduced us to “Combat Paper” made out of  soldier’s uniforms.

For those of you unfamiliar with “Combat Paper,” the Homefront United Network will be featuring an in-depth article about it soon!  

The “Seventh Annual From Boot Camp to Veteran” was unique and beneficial to participants and attendees. Hopefully we’ll see similar events like this in the future nationwide!”


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