Army Wives Season 6 Episode 13 Recap – “General Complications”

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Well folks thats it for the sixth season of Lifetime’s Army Wives and boy did they take this one out with a bang! The 13th episode of the season entitled “General Complications” aired on Lifetime on Sunday May 20th to both the shock and delight of audiences.

“General Complications” starts with the declaration that Michael Holden (Brian McNamara) has been promoted to Corps Commander and is given the much sought after third star. This is of course fantastic news in the Holden household but a seriously dejected General Clarke (Robert John Burke) questions his actions in Africa.

Along with Michael’s promotion comes the return of Claudia Joy’s (Kim Delaney) old friend Audrey Whittaker (Susan Lucci) who makes it clear that she and her husband are to be credited for Michael’s promotion and are looking for compensation by way or career favors.

Amidst the chaos of the promotion and the return of Audrey, Claudia Joy and Denise (Catherine Bell) prepare for their surgeries. When the friends are wheeled together into the operating room they comfort each other and guide one another through the nerve wracking situation in true Army Wives fashion.

Meanwhile, Roxy (Sally Pressman) anxiously awaits her first ultrasound, nervous after having suffered a miscarriage in an earlier season, and she and Trevor (Drew Fuller) are surprised to find that she’s carrying twins!

Gloria (Alyssa Diaz) finds herself in some serious marital trouble when, after becoming enraged at her employment choice, Hector (Joseph Julian Soria) gives her an ultimatum: her marriage or her job. Upon taking Roxy’s advice to never let a man push you around Gloria stands her ground and by the end of “General Complications” finds herself in an empty apartment.

Finally Roland (Sterling K Brown) and Joan (Wendy Davis) are placed in an ever more discomforting situation as David asks to spend more time with his biological father. After some loud protesting from Joan, David and his father Marcus meet on several occasions. When Joan makes note that he doesn’t seem to be respecting the Army, things get tense and when over a dinner at the Burtons’ house David’s father warns him about becoming brainwashed Marcus is thrown out for good.

A few last minute bombs are dropped before “General Complications” comes to a close. First, from the lips of General Clarke comes the news that sometime in the near future the 32nd will be deploying back to Afghanistan (sure to be a major plot point in next season) and in the final moments of the episode Claudia Joy’s surgery takes a turn for the worse as she flat lines.

What a season that was. We lost one wife, the much missed Pamela, and gained a new favorite, the spunky Gloria. We watched Roxy find out she was pregnant with twins. We waited and prayed while the 32nd deployed to Africa, and we watched the fallout from their mission. We at first hated and then came to love Jackie Clarke. We met two openly homosexual women, one of whom is an officer. We met and came to quickly hate David’s biological father. And now, we can only wait and hope for Claudia Joy’s safety.

The next season of Army Wives will premiere on Lifetime in just a few short weeks on June 24th at an all new time of 10 pm. Until then it’s reruns, re-watches and re-living your favorite episodes!



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  1. My wife LOVES this show. I don’t have time to watch it with her right now, and she doesn’t have time to explain everything to me right now. Your recaps are PERFECT. They give me a chance to discuss episode without sounding like an idiot. THANK YOU!

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