Army Wives Season 6 Episode 12 Recap – “Blood Relative”

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In the penultimate episode of the sixth season of Lifetime’s Army Wives the bonds that hold relationships together are strained from every side and put to the ultimate test. The episode entitled “Blood Relative” aired May 13th 2012 and fans of the series were no doubt glued to their seats for every nail biting minute.

In the LeBlanc household things are ever changing as per usual. Trevor’s (Drew Fuller) career, after getting yet another boost form his success in Africa, is given the latest opportunity in its rapid incline; he is offered the chance to become a member of a Ranger battalion, which would mean rapid response and secretive deployments among other things. Roxy (Sally Pressman) quickly puts the kibosh on any and all further discussion.

For Roland (Sterling K Brown) and Joan (Wendy Davis) the situation with David’s biological father is quickly becoming heated. Marcus pushes Roland harder and harder for the chance to meet his son and despite Joan’s adamant feelings against this, they ultimately leave the decision up to David. After much mind-changing David finally decides that he does in fact need to meet Marcus and surprisingly all goes smoothly.

Fans rejoice as Claudia Joy (Kim Delaney) is back in all her glory! She takes on the task of helping Joan and Roland wade through the murky waters of Marcus’ legal rights over David all the while quietly and privately battling her kidney problems.

Denise (Catherine Bell) and Frank (Terry Serpico) hit a rough patch in “Blood Relative” as Denise offers up one of her kidneys to Claudia Joy without letting Frank have his say first. After a tense, and slightly morbid, discussion with the surgeon, Frank seems adamant about not letting Denise go through with the donation. Yet when Michael (Brian McNamara) takes the time to offer Frank his gratitude for giving Claudia Joy her life back Frank finds he quickly has a change of heart.

Meanwhile Tanya’s (Erin Krakow) relationship with Dr. Hansen (Jason Pendergraft) is discovered accidentally by Roxy and Denise and though they vow not to expose the two, the situation becomes tense. In a truly touching moment Tanya and Hansen reveal their pasts to one another and he arranges for a transfer to wait out the time until they can be together.

In the very, very sweet final moments of “Blood Relative” Roxy discovers that she is pregnant. A collective squeal of joy can be heard by fans at this moment.

“Blood Relative” is one of this season’s best episodes of Army Wives, though that’s not to say that any episodes haven’t been thoroughly enjoyable. With all the family strains and tensions fans were no doubt thrilled to see happy endings for quite nearly every character in this episode.

On May 20th the season finale will air on Lifetime and with no date announced yet for season seven’s arrival, fans will certainly be glued to the screens for every moment of “General Complications”.

What’s in store for the wives of Fort Marshall? Susan Lucci returns as Audrey, Claudia Joy’s longtime friend, and demands compensation for a move in Michael’s career for which she gives herself credit. All the while Claudia Joy and Denise prepare for surgery, Roxy grapples with her pregnancy and Trevor’s career desires, Frank questions himself and his choices and most certainly a deployment looms for the soldiers of Fort Marshall.

Tune into the season 6 finale on Sunday, May 20th on Lifetime.


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