Army Wives Season 6 Episode 11 Recap – “Fallout”

Army Wives Season 6 Episode 11 Recap – “Fallout”


The situation in Fort Marshall is anything but good after the accusation by an American aid worker that the 32nd Airborne did nothing to save the lives of innocent African orphans.

When the newest episode of Lifetime’s show Army Wives entitled “Fallout” aired on Sunday May 6, 2012, viewers surely waited with baited breath to see what would become of the brave men and women of Fort Marshall.

“Fallout” saw not a moment without action of one kind or another but the biggest event of the episode was the much anticipated return of Claudia Joy (Kim Delaney). Life for the Holden family is relatively normal in the latest episode of Army Wives with Claudia Joy returning home after a lengthy stay with her parents during her dialysis treatments. Michael (Brian McNamara) meanwhile is tasked with completing an investigation into the incident at the orphanage in Africa, a situation which proves tense for all involved.

Roland (Sterling K Brown) and Joan (Wendy Davis) find themselves dealing with an entirely different set of problems when a man claiming to be David’s biological father comes knocking unexpectedly. After being served a court order for a DNA test the Burton’s learn the heartbreaking truth that this man is truly David’s father.

Things are also tense between Roxy (Sally Pressman) and Trevor (Drew Fuller) when he tells her of the true horrors of war he has seen. Yet Roxy has little time to dwell on Trevor’s painful past as she is busy planning a banquet alongside Denise (Catherine Bell) and Jackie (Kelli Williams).

For Jackie things are quickly progressing from bad to worse as viewers get a glimpse into her strained relationship with her husband General Clarke (Robert John Burke) and her battle with prescription pills. When Jackie finally arrives at the banquet she is inebriated to the point that Roxy and Gloria (Alyssa Diaz) must escort her home.

Meanwhile at the Sherwoods’ Denise is growing ever more concerned about Frank’s (Terry Serpico) well being while Frank himself falls deeper into his emotions surrounding the events at the orphanage. When Frank comes face to face once again with the aid worker she spits in his face and in a heart wrenching moment he later confesses to Denise that he is certain he deserved it.

So many things are happening in “Fallout” that revolve directly around the incident at the orphanage; Army Wives once again handles very difficult and emotionally charged situations with honestly and tact. Protestors are seen at the gates of Fort Marshall and violence is directed at not only the soldiers involved but their wives also. To attempt to deal with the issues surrounding fallout at home from events that have taken place in a war situation is one of the series’ more weighty ventures. Yet it seems impossible not to talk about it as so many military families deal with similar public backlash in their everyday lives.
So the question is, what’s next for the citizens of Fort Marshal and the members of the 32nd Airborne? The next episode entitled “Blood Relative” which will air on Lifetime Sunday May 13, will see Roland and Joan trying to sort out the issues surrounding David’s biological father, Denise offering everything to save the life of Claudia Joy and some potential drama between Gloria and Hector.

With only two episodes left this season fans are surely waiting anxiously to see what will befall their favorite Army wives.


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  1. Let me just say I died when that women spat on Frank! And I am concerned about David’s real dad coming into the picture. And I want to say, it has been a while since I have been this into the series. It’s a good one this time around 🙂

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