Pregnancy Military Style: Part III

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Thank goodness for lists. Lists are my best friend right now. The movers are coming in less than a week and man oh man do I hope I am ready. I guess I should probably check my list.

I have called everyone to get things set for the new house and cancelled for the old one. I have tracked down new doctors, collected medical records, taken care of the dogs and their needs, I am getting there…right?

There is just so much to do, and being pregnant just makes it all happen much slower since planning always comes after if I have eaten and/or taken my nap, priorities people.

Thank goodness for the movers, I can’t begin to imagine doing this on our own. We are so lucky in the military to have the benefit of professional movers taking care of our goods for us; can you imagine moving every 2-4 years by yourself?

Dealing with a move in the military is hard enough, a million contacts to make, hoops to jump through, plans to finalize etc…now add in being 6 months pregnant and having your husband gone 90% of the time. WOW! Seriously, I am going to need a spa day when this is all said and done.

Pregnancy takes over everything, your body, your mind, even your activities. I want to do more to get ready for the movers but I can’t. I physically can’t. That is hard for me.  I have had a few days where I definitely overdid it and man did I pay for it. Back pain, contractions and sore everything.

Let me tell you, a giant belly does not make for easy packing, cleaning, organizing, or anything! Unfortunately, I am a doer; I have to be doing something and I am learning the hard way that I have to take it easy and ask for help, two very difficult things for me to do.

So, I am finding my balance. I am saving the lifting and moving stuff for my husband whenever he gets home. I am doing the list making, the phone calls, handling all the paperwork and ok maybe some cleaning and organizing, I can’t help it.  FLORIDA HERE WE COME!


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