Case Lot Sale, Coming Soon!

Photo Credit: DECA

Have you ever been to the bulk section of the commissary? Do you want to save money?

Shopping at the commissary can save you an average of 30 percent or more as compared to a local grocery store. But did you know that the savings at the case lot sales can save you up to 50 percent or more? I don’t know about you, but that extra cash in my pocket sounds good!

If you have never heard of the case lot sale or have never been to one, each year in May and September DECA holds the sale offering bulk quantities of products at increased savings. Some of these products vary from; canned goods, beverages, cleaning products, and in many cases, fresh chicken, pork, beef and produce.

So if you are looking for ways to get a little bit more bang for your buck (yes I just said that) then I suggest checking the case lot sale out. Warning: It does get crowded and there are no ideal times to shop, the later you wait the less product there will be and the earlier you go the more busy it will be. Also be sure to call your commissary before making the trip, inclement of weather will sometimes postpone or cancel the sale. So, make room in the trunk of your car and get shopping!

To find out when your store is hosting a sale, check out the case lot sale page.



2 thoughts on “Case Lot Sale, Coming Soon!”

  1. I usually paid no attn to these sales before, I never had the room to buy much in bulk but now I do!

  2. I love the case lot sales! you actually save a lot of money going to them. unfortunately, they don’t have everything you may want but still something is something. this is something i recommend to everyone. just a little side note: bring a book, sunblock and water when waiting in line. I live in the middle of the desert when they offer these and you are sometimes waiting an hour in the line in the blistering heat. (normally the commissary will provide water and as much shade as they can)

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