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Transfer Realisms

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Transferring is one of those inevitable realities that come around for us all. Each one of us has our own routines and rituals that we do each and every time we transfer some of them may not make any sense to anyone else, but we do them anyway. We do them because they comfort us. We do them because in our minds, they make a stressful time a little less so. We do them because for us, it isn’t really time to transfer unless we have done them.

For me, it isn’t really transfer season unless I have reorganized and purged every room in the house. (Not even my husband understands this one!) But, it makes me feel like I am doing more than waiting around. I also start doing more detail cleaning around the house. In my mind this is helpful for when we do our final cleaning. The reality is it probably isn’t helpful at all. But, I do it because I have always done it.

I think most people find comfort in routine. But, I think military wives find them even more comforting. Every few years our lives get turned upside down; it is part of the life we signed on for. Some of us look forward to it, while others dread it. But as it is inevitable, love it or hate it, we all find ways of coping with transferring.

We each create our own rituals and routines because it helps stabilize our world when it is turning upside down. We use them for comfort in an otherwise uncomfortable situation. Routines bring a sense of normalcy to an abnormal life. I have admitted to just a couple of my unusual transfer routines… What are yours? Are you a stressed out mover? Or a Zen one? Are you a procrastinator? Or an over preparer?  We are each different, but have the same common goal…Get through the transfer in one piece! (And without killing our spouses!)


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  1. another great one Mandy….and isn’t it the truth, your world is upside down when it comes to moving, but you do have the choice to work with it and not against it….. happy moving.

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