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The world of the Coast Guard has once again been rocked to its core. Four of its members have been lost. Coast Guard members and their families have been hit with the hard reality of this life.

When they sign the papers to enter the Coast Guard, the member is generally aware of the possible dangers involved. However, this is a reality that usually gets pushed to the back to their minds as they go about their day to day jobs. It’s not that they are unaware; it’s that they cannot think about the danger everyday and still perform their duties.

In moments like these, when fellow Coasties are lost that reality can no longer be ignored. These are the times that daily duties become a little bit harder to perform. The moments when reality becomes real are some of the hardest to face.

It is these times that remind us to appreciate life; to remember to tell our loved ones that we love them. Life will move forward, those directly affected will eventually move back into a normal routine. Those lost will never truly be forgotten but will fade into the fog of memory.

In times of loss human instinct is to cling to life, to hold on a little tighter to what we have. Life is uncertain and tomorrow is not guaranteed. The crew of CG helicopter 6535 is gone, but will never be forgotten. Their memories will live on and people will forever be grateful for their service and sacrifice. Fair Winds and Following Seas…


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