Being a SAHW (Stay-at-Home-Wife)

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I never thought that I would ever be one, a SAHW (Stay-At-Home-Wife). I honestly thought I was too experienced to ever become one. I was proven wrong and I wish I never thought that because being one now, I finally understand those women who are a SAHW. I finally understand why they choose the role of being a SAHW. Sometimes experience isn’t enough, just pure luck.

Some of you who have a career are probably thinking that I should have tried harder in finding a job or think that I am not really experienced or whatever may come to mind, but the truth of the matter is I am experienced and I have tried my [insert anatomy part here] hard enough. Being a military spouse is hard. It’s hard physically, mentally and depending on where you live extremely hard to find a job and so forth.

When we PCS we have to go ahead and create ourselves again and in that creation we feel we need to contribute to our family by having a job. Sometimes we are lucky and other times we aren’t. Those of us who decide to be SAHW don’t have it as easy as you would think. Yes, we may be allowed to sleep in a little and do our chores in sweatpants and at our own schedule, but it isn’t great easy on one’s self-esteem.

For those who are in that situation, we have come to the realization that we are done feeling underappreciated and that just because no one wants to hire us doesn’t mean we aren’t good enough. We are good enough, but maybe instead of pouting about it we have decided to put on our big girl pants and care for our husband and hope that the next place we PCS to, we will have luck!


2 thoughts on “Being a SAHW (Stay-at-Home-Wife)”

  1. Personally, I did not choose this role of SAHM/SAHW….it chose me. I we t from a Pediatric ICU Registered Nurse with over a decade of experience to an Army wife and mother of five in in just enough years. The transformation happened in just a blink of an eye….and was triggered by our PCS to Germany in 2000.

  2. AMEN! I have had a hard time realizing the being a SAHW is what I am now. It wont be what I am forever, though. Because of my husband’s career I have decided to put mine on hold. It’s hard to conceptualize it sometimes because I have a degree, but in time I will move on with life. I will get my masters and eventually get that job I want. For now, I don’t mind living in an neat and tidy home, while volunteering and writing. I don’t need to bring in money to contribute!

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