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You’re Doing What?

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Transfer time is an excitingly stressful time for anyone in the military. They are preparing to leave behind the friends they’ve made and the home they’ve become accustomed to. Most families in the military have the capability to truly make each location feel like home. This means, in a sense, each time they transfer, they are leaving home all over again.

It all starts with the long wait to receive orders. In the Coast Guard this begins with the member submitting their Dream Sheet. (This is basically a list of the units they would prefer to go to next). Once the Dream Sheet is submitted, then the wait begins.

Friends and family members are usually starting to feel the excitement themselves at this point. Their shared excitement is always appreciated. However, there are other aspects and feelings that they can’t possibly understand.

One thing they have no way of understanding is the anxiety that comes along with the excitement. This is probably one of the hardest things for military families to deal with. But, it is also one of the more difficult things to explain to others.

Most people simply cannot fathom what it is like to know you have no choice but to move in a few months, but to have no idea where you are moving to. For military families this is reality every time they have to transfer. Not only do they have the normal stresses that come with a move, they have to wonder about where their next home will be.

Every few years military families have to balance the unknown, move and saying good-bye to everything they have come to know and even love. Heading off to a new home is exciting. Leaving what you have become comfortable with is hard. And everything that leads up to it is stressful. It is the kind of excitement and anxiety in one that you just can’t know unless you experience it yourself.


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