Pregnancy: Military Style – Part I

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Pregnancy comes with a million worries, fears, lessons, joys and overwhelming moments but add to it being a part of the military family and it takes it to another level.

My husband and I waited to start a family. We weren’t sure we wanted to be parents and we wanted to live as a married couple for awhile before making such a huge decision. Finally about two years ago we realized it was something we wanted and then last year we decided to start trying.

After a bit of a rough road here I am, 5 months pregnant with our first. It is amazing, magical, stupefying and at this moment the scariest thing in the world.

So many things I am experiencing are foreign to me; there are so many questions and all kinds of plans that need to be made. I am trying to do the first time mom things like reading parenting books, talking to other mothers and creating a registry for our baby shower.

Sounds pretty normal, right? Guess again, here is where the problems arise.

Being military we usually don’t live anywhere near our families. Not only that, but in our case, our families don’t live near each other either.  Oh and did I mention we are moving to a new state right in the middle of all this?

See what I mean about problems?

Oh yes, here is where it gets fun. Here is where I begin to understand that my pregnancy is not like most peoples, my pregnancy will be pregnancy: military style.

Pregnancy, military style means all kinds of things. It means you will probably go to doctors appointments alone, you will most likely be alone most if not all of you pregnancy. Your husband will leave you regardless of how sick or miserable you are, he has to. It means you will have to start planning, reading, researching, etc, on your own. It means your mommy will most likely be miles and miles away. And in my case it means most of the ‘normal’ expectations you had for your pregnancy will be impossible.

Now, this can be overwhelming and sad but it is also a chance for us ladies to embrace this crazy life and come up with fun alternatives. Is it disappointing? Absolutely. Is it frustrating? For sure. But it’s ours. Our life, our pregnancy and we get to make it what we will.

So here I go, into the wild pregnancy world, seatbelt fastened, helmet on. I hope you’ll stay tuned…


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