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He said WHAT?!

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My husband told me that I looked old the other day. I know…I had the same initial reaction of shock, rage and sadness. And then I calmed down and realized what he meant.  Husbands after all are not that stupid. He knows talk like that can get him a direct poke to the eyeball with a fork. His comment, although blunt, was more of a joke steeped in concern.

Wives often take care of everyone…but themselves. We sometimes forget to moisturize, exfoliate and dye our roots. We’re so concerned with making lunches before everyone rushes out the door, grocery shopping, cooking dinner, cleaning, laundry, work, etc., that we often let our own needs suffer. I’m certainly guilty and this time I probably let it go a little too far. The holidays came and went and I guess I never got back on track.

So since its January and a perfect time to renew and start over I’m vowing to change. I’m going to start taking a little time each day or each week for myself. I’m going to start eating better and exercising more. I’m going to start painting my nails and giving myself an exfoliating scrub every once in a while. I’m going to turn back into the woman my husband fell in love with. Of course he loves me right now, but I want to get back to my former glory so to speak. And I’m not doing it for him; I’m doing it for myself.  He just reaps the benefits too. We have to love more than just everyone around us; we have to love ourselves too.

Being a wife is hard and being a military wife is harder. Sometimes we just need to step back, breath and remember to smear on a little moisturizer and paint our toes. Make yourself happy and healthy and everyone else will benefit too.


3 thoughts on “He said WHAT?!”

  1. Holly, I sooo know what you are talking about! I realized yesterday that I didn’t know when the last time I shaved my legs was, my eye brows were being violently abused, and my toe nails needed some serious tending to! I took a long hot shower and just reveled in taking care of myself and after the shower did all sorts of little primping and even fully moisturized my entire body (big ole preggo belly and all) and when I got in bed my husband was like WOW your legs are so soft mmm you smell really good…… I guess I need to take a little bit more care of myself too!

  2. so true! we always put everyone ahead of ourselves and we tend to forget that we exist. example: when buying toiletries we will splurge for our husbands but always buy the cheaper version for ourselves (yes, i have done so!).
    great article!

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