Being Crafty

Being Crafty

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I remember when I was young and loved doing anything crafty. In one of the schools I attended we, the girls, were taught how to sew and knit and the boys where taught woodwork. A bit sexist? Possibly. But I don’t recall any young girls having a problem with it. Like the boys, we were creating unique things. Personally, I think we had it better than the boys.

I recall my mother telling me that when she was younger, she is one of nine; her generation relied a lot on sewing and knitting. Clothes weren’t as “available” as they are now to us. But as I got older, doing anything crafty was completely a waste of time because I could easily buy it at the store and then I wouldn’t have to “waste” my time making it. Not sure why I felt that way, maybe it was because my generation wasn’t the crafty kind and we were too materialistic, who knows.

This all changed last summer while my husband was deployed. I was in a job that I loathed. I needed a distraction, something to occupy my mind and allow me to be creative. That’s when my obsession with Etsy became clear and my mindset to start sewing began. I purchased my Singer sewing machine, fabric, thread, scissors and lots of other knick-knacks and I began to create.

My husband is back but I am still creating. I have gone beyond the world of sewing, thanks to the magnificent creation of Pinterest, and explored other crafts. And, slowly but, without my husband realizing it, I am converting our home office into my craft room (don’t worry; he is in the midst of creating his man-cave).

What crafts do you do to help pass the time?


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