A Military Wife’s Valentine – DIY Wreath

      Photo Credit: Megan Williams


Materials Needed

Styrofoam Heart Wreath (12-inch)

½ Yard Red Felt


Pinking Sheers (optional)

Straight Pins

Yellow Grosgrain Ribbon

This Project is SUPER-easy but tedious. Trust me, it’ll be worth it!

Whenever you do a project requiring a good-bit of felt I would definitely purchase it by the yard rather than the small sheets. It is usually a little stronger and MUCH cheaper.

-Cut your fabric into three-inch strips using your regular scissors (no pinking sheers yet). Set two or three of these long strips aside and hold until the end.

-Next cut the strips into 3-inch squares (also with regular scissors). Then you take your pinking sheers and cut the squares into circles. (You do not have to use the pinking sheers but I think it give a cuter look. BUT, it will still look adorable if you cut your circles with regular scissors).


-The next part may sound confusing but I assure you it is easy! Fold one circle in half, and then fold in half again pinching it between your fingers. Insert the straight pin at the corner and assure it goes through all sides.

-THEN, you pin it into the wreath.

And repeat, and repeat, and repeat.

You can alternate which way you face them and it is up to you how far back you wish to go. You can fluff each piece of felt to make it full. You do not want to put the pieces too close together because then it will look too tight. You can always go back and fill in after you fluff.

I used the strips of felt set aside to pin over the backside of the wreath. This will help to hide any white spots. You could also wrap the wreath in red ribbon to start.

You can leave it as is if you would like a simple, beautiful Valentine’s Wreath. But for me, whose husband will be away training for a deployment this Valentine’s day, my heart always carries my love for country and gratitude for those who protect her. I needed to add the yellow ribbon.

For the yellow ribbon, make a simple loop and pin the middle! I used a large dressmaker’s pin with a yellow tip.


Happy Valentines Day!


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