Becoming Debt Free: Part 2

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In early 2009 I came across “The Dave Ramsey” program. My husband and I still had some debt between the two of us that needed to be paid off, we wanted to start saving for our children’s future and ourselves. I decided to do a little more research on Dave Ramsey and what he was about. I quickly realized I was already doing some of the things Dave Ramsey talks about. I really liked how his book, Total Money Makeover, was laid out and it really seemed so simple. So simple that at first I thought it was too simple.

After finishing the Total Money Makeover I decided to go ahead and give this way a shot. It didn’t seem like it would get us into any bigger of a financial mess than what we had already been in, and I really wanted to get to the point where we didn’t owe anyone anything.

The thing I liked most about this book and admire about Dave Ramsey is that he too was in debt… and he lost everything. He also learned from his mistakes. He doesn’t care about credit score, and when you have the cash to pay for something you don’t need credit anyway.  Of course, you will need credit for some things but you should not be trying to apply for credit while you’re on your way to being debt free. That will just set you back and you’ll lose focus of what the main goal is.

When we started our journey to becoming debt free we decided that while we really liked the program we were not going to follow it by the book immediately. This is a life-altering program (in a good way) if you let it. As with anything, even with good intentions, big changes sometimes need some easing into.

One of my favorite quotes by Dave Ramsey is “Get out of debt the same way you learned to walk – one step at a time” (Dave Ramsey, 2012). We do not go to sleep debt free one night and wake up the next day with outstanding bills, unpaid loans, and credit card debt. And we’re not going to get ourselves out of debt without budgeting, being diligent with what money comes in and what money needs to go out, and maybe even some sacrificing.

Are you in debt? What scares you most about being in debt?

This is the second part of the Becoming Debt Free series. Stay tuned for the next post in the series!


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