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Search and Rescue Part 2

Photo Credit: Mandy Baker

Picture this… The day is crystal clear, and the waters are calm. You’ve decided to spend it on your boat to relax. Everything is going perfect, until one thing goes very wrong. Maybe the engine dies, or the steering fails, or even worse; a storm blows in out of nowhere. Either way, you are stuck and possibly even in danger. What do you do?

Most boaters know that in a situation like that, your first instinct should be to get on the radio and call for help. But, who is on the other end to answer that call? Who is diligently waiting for your call? The answer to these questions is; the men and women of the U.S. Coast Guard.

Your call comes in and they sound the alarm. The boat crew takes off running. They change out, fire up the engines, and are underway to you within minutes. They do everything they can to get to you as quickly as possible.

You make the call and sit back to wait. Maybe you are worried, maybe you’re even scared. But, more than likely, you have done everything you can do. All you can do is wait and hope that help gets there quickly. You probably have a thousand thoughts running through your head at once. Suddenly, you hear something in the distance and you look up in time to see a boat heading in your direction.

You begin to wave your arms and call out. Your heart might start beating a little bit faster as you pray that they see you. As the boat gets closer you spot that tell tale stripe on the front and catch a glimpse of those bright orange vests. You breathe a sigh of relief because you know that help has arrived.

Millions have breathed that same sigh as they caught sight of the orange and blue. Millions have been saved because those men and women go out no matter what the circumstances. Search and rescue is only one part of what the Coast Guard does every day. But, some might say it is one of the most important.


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