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Search and Rescue Part 1

Photo Credit: Mandy Baker

There are many aspects of the U.S. Coast Guard. One of their largest missions is Search and Rescue (SAR). Each piece of the Coast Guard from the air stations, to the small boat stations, and even the cutters participate in some form of Search and Rescue.

Even during the most relaxed moments at a station when the SAR alarm sounds the men and women spring to action. They all drop whatever it is they are doing and run towards the boats. Each time the alarm goes off their hearts start pounding and anyone nearby can feel the adrenaline in the air. But, to the outside observer they look like a calm group of individuals going about their jobs.

This portrayal of calm is just that, part of the job. These men and women respond with the same haste and rush of adrenaline to simple cases as they do to the life and death ones. No case is too small for them, and each one is just as important in their eyes.
 To those people they go out to help, they may be considered heroes. But, the members of the Coast Guard rarely if ever see themselves in that way. For them, they are doing their job; they are simply doing what they train for everyday.

They go out when others can’t. In the worst of storms and the biggest seas, they are the light in the dark for those who are lost. They are the beacon of hope for those without. They may not see themselves as heroes, but to their families and those they have saved, that is exactly what they are.


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