CAMOSOCK is a Military Christmas Stocking that was designed with service members in mind. With a huge selection to choose from for all branches –Marine, Navy, Army, Air Force, Coast Guard and National Guard—no one is left out. The website shares that the CAMOSOCK is made from the digital uniform fabric worn by each branch of the Armed Forces and are trimmed in scarlet piping with an embroidered coordinating name tape above the front pocket. Overall they are 19″ in length and 9″ wide at the top cuff providing ample room for holiday gifts. The front of the stocking has a pocket perfect for a surprise picture, personal note or gift card.

I received the US Navy Camouflage Christmas Stocking which is made from the new BDU working uniform that sailors wear, and has the Navy emblem on the front pocket. When I received and opened the package I was blown away. I expected them to be nice, but they go above and beyond my expectations. The CAMOSOCK is truly pristine! Overall the entire stocking is made well and very professional looking. It looks to me like it was officially issued to the military with its crisps folds and curves, superb stitching, and the perfect US Navy name tap at the top. The fabric is the exact fabric of my husband’s uniform and the piping is perfectly placed and provides beautiful contrasts to the camo print. The stocking is also an excellent size, and is bigger than any of the stockings we already owned. This would be the perfect gift to load up with treats and send to a special someone who is deployed or even just a random service member!

Overall, I would definitely recommend that anyone interested in a unique and special memento to remember and honor your service member during the holiday season, get a CAMOSOCK in the branch of their choice!

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