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Veteran’s Day Poems

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In honor of the upcoming holiday Veteran’s Day, HUN writer Kathy Guzzo shares a poem and prayer that she has written for the holiday.


Men and women of different ethnicity, social class, and backgrounds,

All loved by friends and family.

They put their own lives on hold to commit to something bigger than themselves,

The United States military.

They trained excessively, preparing for whatever situation they may encounter

 To be ready both emotionally and physically.

They endured loneliness, extreme fatigue, all the elements, even fear,

In the mountains, desserts, jungles and the sea.

Many experienced hatred, death, destruction, and hardships unspeakable,

Yet they continued on courageously.

Not for the pay, the lifestyle, medals or any other accolades,

But with pride for the cause of liberty.

After their enlistments, they returned home and slipped back into civilian life

Quietly and humbly.

They truly are loyal patriots, heroes who gave so much of themselves

Willingly and sacrificially.

God has blessed America through the dedication of our military, our Veterans,

Who served our amazing country.


Prayer for Veterans

Heavenly Father,

I lift up to you the Veterans of the United States Armed Forces.

The men and women who gave unselfishly

Serving 24/7 365 days a year

For the freedoms this country holds dearly.

I pray you fill their minds with peace

When there is turmoil and confusion.

Replace the anger from the evil they’ve seen

With the righteous anger of your children.

When they feel lost and completely alone

I pray they sense your presence always near.

In the nights when anxiety and nightmares  linger,

Please remind them they have nothing to fear.

If they question why they’re still alive

Gently guide them to your plan each day.

When they don’t like who they’ve become,

Let them feel overwhelmed by your acceptance, I pray.

When they try to run from you and their life,

Show them they can’t escape your love.

Fill them with hope, peace, mercy and grace,

Shower it down from above.

Lord, Help us to accept, support, and encourage them,

As they adjust to the new normal they live.

I pray we never overlook their sacrifices,

And all they were willing to give.

I thank you for their example of loyalty and courage.

I pray we honor and remember them daily.

Lord, Thank you for blessing the United States of America

Through our Veterans, and the Military.


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