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Taking Some “Me” Time

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As spouses and parents we often get caught up in the lives we have created for ourselves, that we forget to spend a little time on ourselves. All of life’s tasks get in between and soon start to take over.

Work, school, keeping the home in order, caring for kids, spending time with our family, making sure meals are prepared, the list goes on and on…

The last few weeks I have been feeling incredibly drained and stretched thin. Between life’s tasks –  being a full-time student and pregnant with baby number two, I have been going nonstop with zero thought to myself. With my husband out-of-town doing military stuff and a teething baby, I decided that bed time was going to be early for my sweet pea and I was going to have some ME time in silence.

So what did I do?

Taking Some “Me” Time…

When bed time came around, I turned my phone to silent, shut off my laptop and put my little one to bed. I cleaned up my room and pulled out some stuff to give myself a mini spa night of pampering. I gave myself a mani and pedi, took a long hot shower and gave myself a deep conditioning treatment. I then whitened my teeth, gave myself a facial, and just relaxed in the silence and solitude. I read my devotionals, and started a new book, sat in peace with God and myself. After all my pampering was done I hopped into bed for a peaceful night of rest – just me, my pillows, and my heating blanket.

The following morning when I woke up I couldn’t help but feel relaxed, rejuvenated and at ease. Nothing about my situation was different the next morning –the baby is still teething, I still have a ton of errands to tackle, the hubby is still gone, the homework pile still awaits me, and there is a hole in my ceiling from the master shower flooding. But my outlook was different. I carved 2 simple hours out of the normal schedule and made it ME time. I am at peace ready to conquer whatever comes my way.

I didn’t spend a penny to do it –because let’s be honest that’s not the kind of money my family can afford to spend right now—I just used what we had around the house. So if you do anything this week, will you make some time for just you? Take an hour or two, it will be worth it. You will thank yourself and so will your kids and spouse.

What do you do when you feel like you need to be recharged?


3 thoughts on “Taking Some “Me” Time”

  1. AHA! Amanda, it sounds like you’ve discovered the ultimate way to “Get a Grip on Stress!” Hopefully the rest of the HUN (minus me) will follow your recommendations, take some “me” time tonight, have a blissful night’s sleep, and wake up feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and at ease! GREAT POST.

    P.S. When I feel like I need to be recharged, I go to the gym or read a good book outside in the sun.

  2. I hope your article gives other young moms the permission they sometimes feel they need to take care of themselves. As the mother of four adults I can tell you that if you don’t take that time for yourself, even if it’s 10 minutes in the bathroom with the door closed while you close your eyes and breathe deep, you’ll at some point wish you had. Even with adult children, life still gets busy and I have to purpose to schedule that ‘me’ time, my own R & R and when I do I know God helps me tackle the day ahead. thanks for sharing your insights.

  3. Amanda,

    I love this article! I am also a student, pregnant with baby #2, and am a small business owner, and sometimes I just feel like there is NO time for myself!! I have started to try to wake up early for some peaceful devotional time, but it seems that my daughter like clockwork also decides to get up early on those days. I’ll definitely have to carve out some more definitive “me” time – it inspires me that someone else feels this way!

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