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Modern Day Heroes – U.S.C.G

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Alone they left to battle the watery beast,

The few, the chosen.

They knew they had no choice the beast had to be fought,

And who else could be asked to do it?

It was their duty and their honor.

They never knew if or when they would return,

Every time they left the fear grew.

Each one of them had a family; each one of them had a life.

Each one of them knew that either could be taken away in an instant.

Yet, they kept on fighting.

The beast had icy blue eyes and a cold, hard heart.

She conquered whoever, whenever she liked.

The beast spotted them in the distance,

The modern day heroes;

She knew they were coming to rescue the soul she had chosen to claim.

She wouldn’t let them have her victim, not this time.

The watery beast rose up and crashed upon the vessel.

But, the heroes were prepared;

They stayed their course,

As they came upon the one they were sent to save.

The beast was anxious now;

She knew she was in danger of losing this soul, same as the last.

Again she rose, higher this time, she came down upon them.

Taken by surprise, the heroes were over turned.

Triumph filled her as the beast watched the roll,

It didn’t last long, as the vessel righted itself,

She knew she had been defeated.

The heroes were victorious, they saved one more.

Would they be so lucky the next time?

Or would they be forced to choose?

They glanced at one another; they didn’t have to say a thing,

If one had to fall they knew…

It would be one of their own who would not return.

For they are the few, the chosen…

They are the modern day heroes.


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  1. Semper Paratus! My brother is Coast Guard and I pray for him all the time in this dangerous field. I am so thankful for men like him and those he serves with who are willing to go no matter what even if only to save even one person.

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