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Home is where your heart is?

Home is where you’re stationed?

Home is not where you live, but where they understand you?

Home is a shelter from the storms?

Giving that we are a military family and move constantly, my home is my family. I can honestly say that no one place I have ever lived, has actually felt like a “home” for me.

Am I alone in this feeling?

At times I have felt jealous of those who were born and raised in one place. People who were able to graduate high school with the same kids they started kindergarten with. A place when you walk down the street, you know everyone you pass by.  A place where if you ever were to move away from, you can always say, “I’m going back home”.

There is no “going back home” for me. Being a Marine brat, I’ve never had that home feeling. I feel more like a gypsy, than anything. And that only leads me to believe that my children will feel the same way themselves, being Marine brats.

Even though I’ve wished at times that I’ve lived in the same place my entire upbringing, I am also very thankful for moving from place to place. I was able to see the world, meet people whom I’ve never would’ve meet otherwise, and it wouldn’t of lead me to my life as I know it now.

If I find myself not feeling at home where I live, I can only blame myself.  I know that I need to change my outlook on my surroundings and find my happiness again. Sometimes it’s as easy as just rearranging my living space, meeting a new friend, or finding a new craft to make.

Being home is being comfortable with yourself, your surroundings and your life.

I know that I home when I am happy with myself and I am with my family.


6 thoughts on “Home?”

  1. Great post!!! Home truly is our family!

    I can also say I was one of those that grew up with all the same kids and same schools and its not all that… Going back “home” is kinda weird now and the friends/family I have made on this journey are so much more than I could ever dream of asking for!!

  2. Very…VERY true. I’ve actually was that kid that lived in one place her entire life, but home right now is where my lived ones are…usually my husband, but when he’s deployed, it’s where he’s from since I’m close to “his” family.

    What a great sentiment!!!:)

  3. Love this! I feel sometimes being out here in California, I am away from my home. But I need to step back are realize home is where I am comfortable with my myself.

  4. i can completely relate to you. my father isn’t in the military but his job has taken him around the world.
    i was always jealous of my cousins who where able to spend time with my grandparents or other cousins and aunts and uncles. i never had that.
    glad i’m not alone!
    great post!

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