Pregnancy in the Military, Part Five: Baby Shower Dilemma

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We had to have my baby shower early.

Well, it was early for me, at only 24 weeks, but thanks to the military, that’s what had to be done! My best friend was moving shortly afterward and we wanted to make sure she could make it. Plus, she was hosting. I didn’t mind, because I wanted her there. So we picked a date, got the invitations together, and started planning.

I was never a big party-goer, but I still had visions of how my baby shower should go. I had seen pictures of other grand parties and started dreaming of my perfect day. I would be surrounded by my closest friends and family, we would have a table decorated with plenty of purple (because even though I’m having a girl, I’m still not loving the pink) where we would put the gifts, and another table for the food. Oh yes, the food. There would be a huge cake decorated with pretty flowers and plenty of fun finger foods for the guests. We would spend time chatting, dive into some fun games (guess the baby food, anyone?) and then open the gifts. It would be a girl’s afternoon filled with laughter and smiles!

That would be ideal, if the Army didn’t get in the way.

I love living out here in Hawaii, but the worst part is how far I am from family. We made sure to invite people, but we knew that no one would make the flight just for a little baby shower. We received plenty of gifts for our baby girl and I am so grateful for them. It doesn’t replace the people, though! There are so many friends I wish could’ve been there, too, but just couldn’t because of the distance.

Unfortunately, a lot of my friends here couldn’t come either, for a variety of reasons. As the big day approached, the guest list dwindled. Discouraged, we had to come up with a new plan. With only a couple friends able to attend, the hostess and I changed the venue to a late lunch at an Italian restaurant. There went the dreams of a big party, plenty of games, and decorations all over! Instead, it was four of us and a couple babies, sharing stories over our food. The baby shower turned more into a girl’s date, which in the end, was fine with me.

My baby shower didn’t go exactly how I had envisioned it, but it was still a special time. Sometimes circumstances get in the way, but I learned to go with the flow and enjoy what I had. I will certainly always treasure the special moments I had with my closest friends at that restaurant, even if the memories weren’t the ones I expected.


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