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Deployment Care Packages Part 2


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Since my last article got such a great response (thank you!) and we received a lot of wonderful feedback from you, I wanted to continue and see if we can generate even more ideas. When my husband deploys again next year I want to send boxes that will surprise him and put a smile on his face. Sure, I’ll still send Kool-Aid and beef jerky but I’m also looking to make the care packages a lot of fun. 

I came across these little jewels when I was helping a friend whose husband is deployed come up with new, fun care package ideas. Slingshot Flying Monkeys! They also come in chicken, pig, frog, duck, cow and parachute monkey.  They are simply hilarious. Let’s face it; our Soldiers get bored when they’re deployed (when they’re not working 16 hours days that is.) So would they find these entertaining?  I think YES!   They’re inexpensive and if you watch the video on the page, you’ll see how they could turn these toys into a fun, friendly competition. I think this is a great way to lower their stress levels and give them something silly and entertaining to do.

Another great idea that I came across was paper chains. I LOVE this one and can’t believe that I hadn’t heard about it before! Paper chains are usually associated with Christmas decorations but they’re also perfect for deployment countdowns. I’ll definitely be doing this project with my stepdaughter. This is especially good for shorter deployments but you can make it work for longer ones as well. Sit down with the kids and make a paper chain with enough links for each day your Soldier will be deployed. Of course we won’t know the exact amount of days but make it as close as possible. Each day, let your child take off one of the links. It gives them something to look forward to and helps them understand the length of time in a more tangible way. My only suggestion is for those of you going through yearlong deployments is to break them up and make a chain for each month so it’s not so overwhelming. I’m including a couple helpful links I found with instructions and/or print offs.

Another suggestion is to make a paper chain the opposite way by adding a link everyday your Soldier is deployed instead of taking one away. You can cut the strips and have your child write a little message on each new link and when your Soldier gets home he/she will be able to read a message for each day they were gone. This would also be a great thing to send in their care packages if you break them up month to month.

So what are your new ideas? Have you come across or done anything different lately that you’d like to share? We’d love to hear from you!


4 thoughts on “Deployment Care Packages Part 2”

  1. It’s always good to know your hubby’s favorites and to send enough for him to share at the office. Recently a company came out with Brownies and I know my hubby, RJ, loves their other stuff so I bought a box and sent it. Well needless to say the box lasted him having 3 of them before the other guys caught a wiff of the chocolate and in his good nature he shared the rest. Now I know to send a couple boxes. There are certain treats I send in every package but others that are more expensive and are a surprise if he gets them. We also journal and let each other read our thoughts and feelings. We keep our emails back and forth and reflect on them later. In our daily emails I really tell him everything because he surprisingly he wants to be involved in the daily activities like laundry and what I cooked.

  2. Hi! I work for a VA mortgage company and we have been sending care packages to troops over seas. Any ideas as to how we could make our packages feel more personal? We are currently sending things like deodorant, instant coffee, sunscreen and stuff like that, but it would nice if there was a way to make them feel more personal. Any thoughts? Thanks!

  3. Great ideas Desiree, thanks for sharing!

    Ashleigh, I think it’s great that your company sends care packages. Thank you, it is greatly appreciated! To make them more personal, include a card or note that your office has signed thanking them for their service (if you don’t already). Something handwritten is always nice. Also, if possible include homemade cookies or baked goods- just make sure to seal them well. Also, if you are sending packages to specific Soldiers or a specific group of Soldiers from a nearby base, etc. send them things reminiscent of their home state, their favorite sports teams, etc. Sending a little piece of home is always treasured! Hope that helps!

    1. We do send notes, although I’m not sure they are hand written so we’ll be sure to do that next time. I love your ideas! Thanks for the advice.

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