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Balancing My Time

In this crazy day and age full of another thing to do, another place to go, and another person to see we often find ourselves trying to pick between this that and the other thing to make it all fit into our days. Lately I have found that I have really had to balance my time and prioritize between what was important and what I had to let go by the waist side. I read something in a book a while back that really got me thinking. It said that anytime we start doing something new we have to stop doing something old. And honestly that totally makes sense to me. There just isn’t enough time in the day to do everything that our little heart’s desire.

I recently have been faced with the decision of what to let go of and what to keep doing. Right now as a stay at home mom, full time student, and part time merchandiser, I really have to pick wisely on the things that I want to do in my free time. All you other busy mommies know how that goes. I sometimes read blogs and I get all these grand ideas about organizing, decorating, crafting, and cooking and I get so excited thinking “oh yes I will be doing this and this and this”, and then morning comes and I look at my to-do list and my daughter sitting next to me playing Legos alone waiting for me while I do homework and I realize that as of right now I don’t have the time to do everything. If I plan accordingly, map out my assignments and work schedule for the week, put my husband’s schedule on mine and when each of us have the car, if I use a weekly meal planner, and stay on top of the cleaning while I go, well then sometimes I actually do have some free time. A lot of the times I use my free time to spend with my family; be it playing games, watching a movie, going on walks or just snuggling –  those are the things I opt to do in my free time. First I am a child of God, second I am a wife and mother, third I am a student and fourth I am a part time working girl and I use my free time in that same order, but on the off chance the baby is sleeping, the hubby is video-gaming, and the homework is finished, I use my time to let the inner diva in me shine.

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One day school will be done and then maybe I will have some free time, but until then I am learning to accept who I am in this moment, accept the things that I cannot change, and be grateful for it all along the way. Until then I am a make believe blogging, sewing, cooking, home designing, DIY’er diva every once and a while, and that’s just fine because every single day I get to be a hardworking girl who is learning to live and love in the moment and that is great too.


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  1. I know exactly how you feel! Too much to do, WAY too little time! I always struggle with trying to fit it all in and still have time to play with the kids. “Me” time is so hard to come by these day! 🙂 Someday!

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