In the Blink of an Eye: Change

Our life is changing right before our eyes and we don’t even notice it most of the time. In the last month alone, two of our friends have left the crazy Navy life to be civies again and moved back to their home towns. One of them being Ryan’s best friend, they went to school together and got lucky enough to have the same first duty station. I feel like my poor husband may be a little lost in the world now.

Now my best friend and her husband are looking at orders and unfortunately for me and her, he is trying to go overseas. If I were able to beg the Navy to keep him here, I would. I was blessed enough that my best friend of 11 years married the Sailor I introduced her to and that we both live in the same area a mere 15 minutes from each other rather then 12-13 hours from each other. If he takes her away from me now, I will be absolutely heartbroken.

On to my husband’s orders, we finally got word that he got orders for…… here! Yay! We don’t have to move, most likely for a very long time since going from shore to ship here is a cake walk. Though I honestly don’t want him to re-enlist and go back to sea with deployments every other year and underways once a month, sometimes more. I’m not ready for that stuff again and we haven’t even started on shore yet. Of course, if he does re-enlist I will stand by my man and hold it down on the homefront no matter the suffering. After all, I DO love that man!

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Finally, on top of all of this, we have a baby on the way. I am over 2 months along now and DYING to see our baby again and hear it’s heart beat for the first time. Green olives daddy is excited too. He wasn’t able to be at the first ultrasound so he is totally jazzed about this one. We are both so excited to be expecting our first little miracle!

Though so much is changing, I wouldn’t trade this life for anything in the world. It is the only one I get to have and it truly is a blessing.


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  1. CONGRATULATIONS! How very exciting that he will be starting a shore command to enjoy the first few years of the babies life! What amazing changes lie ahead of you, even if your friend moves away, surely you have the charm to make more connections in such a Navy heavy town! What a blessing!

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