Book Review: My Miracle Marine

My Miracle Marine by: Connie McClennan

When I heard this book had been written I was anxious to read it because I felt I had a slight personal involvement. LCpl. John McClellan, “Lucky” to his Marine comrades, was with my son’s unit on both his deployments and I remember when I was first told about John being nicknamed “Lucky” by his comrades after being hit with a bullet twice in the same arm within days and not having any serious injury. I also remember hearing the news about a year later, just days into their second deployment, that he had been seriously wounded by a sniper shot and the outcome was unsure.

Each time I heard of John’s injuries my heart ached for his mom. I never met her, but I felt some of her pain only because I realized how easily the situation could’ve been reversed and it could’ve been my son that had been injured.  After John’s injury to the head, I emailed Connie reassuring her of the prayers of myself, all the other Marine moms in the unit, as well as so many others. I don’t recall her response, except that she was extremely positive and full of hope.

When I read this book I was given a glimpse of her hope and faith in a powerful way.  The book is a record of her emails to family and friends requesting prayer and keeping them updated on John’s condition.  Her faith is present on every page as she shares her journey from getting the phone call that is every mother’s worst nightmare to John’s continued recovery.  Her hope in God and His purpose in the experience never waivers as she embarks on what would damper, if not destroy, the faith of others. She looks for God and finds him in what she calls “Godsidences” throughout John’s recovery.

I highly recommend this book not only to those with a loved one in the military, but anyone that has a family member that is seriously ill or injured. It will strengthen their resolve to trust and not give up in the One who gives us life.  This book would also benefit anyone who knows someone that’s in the military or suffering from any type of injury due to their service and doesn’t know how to pray for them. The prayer requests Connie shared throughout the book sent during John’s recovery could be universal to most situations.

I want to emphasize that although this is a book about a courageous young man, a hero, whose life was altered from a sniper bullet while serving our country, it’s not depressing. It’s truly a book that will encourage, enlighten, and build hope and faith to all who read it. I’m so thankful that Connie felt God lead her to share the story of her journey with her son, who is no longer just lucky, but a true miracle with all of us.


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