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Together Again

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14 hour drive, 800+ miles and lots of (im) patient waiting…

Four days, four countries and multiple airports…

…but we finally made it to each other! I am so happy to say that my hubby is back safely in the States for his leave! It took lots of planning, patience and a few secrets along the way to make it all happen. We had originally planned to meet in Costa Rica a little later in the summer, but as so much goes with the Army, J’s leave got cancelled. When his original dates were cancelled and we had no idea when it might get rescheduled, I had just assumed it wouldn’t happen for at least another month, maybe two. Boy was I wrong…J called one night and told me he was coming home in nine days and I needed to plan where we were going to go. Yikes! For the person who obsesses over every decision, this was very stressful news for me!

Luckily we were already going to be staying with my parents for the rest of the summer so I did not have to worry about where the kids would stay. We’ve had multiple questions as to why we weren’t going to be bringing the kids along, as well as why J didn’t just come home rather than going somewhere else for the two weeks. We did this for many reasons. Our biggest reason was how well the kids have adjusted to J being gone. They have adjusted to the change so much better than we expected and J did not want to have them get used to having him around, only to have to leave them again after two weeks. It was just too painful for both the kids and J (especially J).  Being in the States so close to them is hard, but we really felt this was the best decision for our family. As far as coming home…sometimes home is not the most relaxing place to be. J did not want to feel like he needed to see everyone while he was home and didn’t want to feel like he should go into work as well (he works for his family business when not with the Army). We really wanted this time to be total relaxation for J and a time for us to reconnect as a couple. This is only our second vacation alone together since we have been married, which is also the other reason for this long vacation for just the two of us…our 10 year anniversary is this month!! What perfect timing!

With it just being the two of us, we are going to take the opportunity to travel up and down the east coast a bit. We are starting out our time together in Virginia Beach to just relax and enjoy the view. After this we will head to Washington DC, Onslow Beach at Camp Lejeune and then end in Williamsburg with a stay at a Colonial Bead and Breakfast. Along the way we are going to take advantage of the many military discounts that can be found, especially during the summer months, like the Blue Star Museum program. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, Blue Star Families in conjunction with many museums across the country offers free museum admission for members of the military. Busch Gardens also gives military members a free day admission to their parks. There are many more that I am hoping to check into as we go. I am not very good at taking advantage of military discounts (I hate asking for them!) so I am determined to use this opportunity while I actually have J with me!

This trip is one that we would never have taken if it weren’t for J being on leave. It’s too hard to find the time away and we always have too many other things to spend our money on to justify taking a vacation. But this was an opportunity we just couldn’t pass up. Time together visiting places we have always wanted to go. And what better way to celebrate our big anniversary! In all honesty though, it doesn’t matter where we are, as long as we have the opportunity to be there together.


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  1. Wonderful piece! It really lifts one up when feeling down. Thanks again for this great site!

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