Pregnant while PCSing?

As you may or may not know, my husband and I found out we are expecting our first little bundle of joy a mere 4 days ago! We couldn’t be any more excited or happy if we tried! We only started trying at the beginning of last month so it was pretty unexpected. Well, we KNOW we are having a baby so how about talking about what we DON’T yet know? Whether we are PCSing come January or if we are going to get super lucky and stay here. Staying here is going to be the very best thing for us now that I’m pregnant. Moving while 7 months pregnant just sounds awful. Let’s not even mention the fact that we recently got a house here, finally. I definately don’t want to leave if I can help it.


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Plain and simply put, we don’t want to move. Here are some of the many reasons why:

  • Leaving friends behind. I for one, am incredibly lucky. I introduced my very best friend of 11 years to one of my Sailor friends while she was visiting me and they got married so she lives here too. A mere 10 minutes away. I can’t imagine moving away from her again.
  • We got a house. No need to explain that one.
  • I will be 7 months pregnant and not much of any help. Don’t think I really need to explain that one either.
  • We would be further away from family. As if 13 hours away isn’t far enough.
  • It’s hard work! The end!

Basically, the Navy need to get it together and give my husband some orders. Preferably some orders here. The suspense is absolutely killing us! He basically checks every day to see if anything has changed with his orders and as of now, nothing.

Where are we going to go? Are they going to let us stay here? The only thing I can think of doing anymore is praying and leaving the rest in Gods hands. Lord, help us, please!


3 thoughts on “Pregnant while PCSing?”

  1. Ugh! I’ve been there, done that with 2 of my pregnancies and once with a newborn. Moving isn’t any fun at any time, let alone when your pregnant. Having to change doctors that far along in your pregnancy isn’t fun either….BUT….if you do get orders and have to move, it is do-able. There will be lots of support for you here if you need it!

    Good luck! And congrats on your pregnancy!!!!

  2. I have also moved while pregnant. Ugh. If you do PCS, get a statement of pregnancy from your ob/gyn before you go. If you choose to live in military housing, the housing office will ask for it and you might be entitled to a larger house.

    Congratulations and best of luck for the new addition to your family.

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