Coupon 101: Double and Triple Coupons

I know there is sometimes confusion with new couponers’ when they hear the words double and triple coupons. I have heard many people talk about how they doubled a coupon and they like being able to use 2 coupons on 1 item when they are at a store that doubles coupons. This is NOT double coupons. Many stores differ even in the same chain of how they handle double coupons and their values so make sure you know your stores coupon policy when it comes to double and triple coupons. When stores say that they double and triple coupons they are talking about the value not the amount of coupons. For example: Acme doubles all coupons up to .99 so any coupon that is valued at .99 and below is doubled the full face value, a .75 off 1 coupon at Acme doubles to $1.50 off 1. The register doubles the value of the coupon. Some stores, like my local Shoprite double to .99 so a .75 off 1 coupon is valued at .99 The stores that triple coupons all have different values that they triple to, but an example would be a .20 off 1 coupon at a store that triples coupons would be valued at .60 off 1.

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