A PCS Success?

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Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night and aren’t sure where you are? You’re totally dazed and confused. You shake your head and look around at your surroundings and try to figure out if you’re dreaming?

I did that last night. I woke up, completely unsure of where I was! I recognized all of my belongings, but I didn’t recognize the room. My bedroom window had me totally confused and threw me off. I was trying to figure out if I was in Michigan? Virginia? North Carolina? California? Or in a hotel room?

I know I’m not the only one feeling this way. How many times have you gotten up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and have run into a piece of furniture? A piece of furniture that you have no idea how it got there because you can walk the pathway to the bathroom with your eyes shut, only this time, your left with a huge bruise on your thigh because you’re NOT in your old house, you’re in a new one that no longer fits your old furniture.

Every time you PCS, you either have a big house that your able to fill with your belonging and live comfortably in or you live in what seems like a doll house. The furniture is completely crammed into every corner of your house making you feel claustrophobic.

How many of you are hoarders? *Raising my hand. I have such a hard time getting rid of things that I might need after our next PCS. But somehow, I still have “said” items that I still haven’t used, because I might need them after our next PCS. It’s such a cycle isn’t it? But each time we PCS, I seem to accumulate more and more items, adding more and more weight to our truck load.

Another problem I personally have is settling into a new house. I feel like it takes me about 6 months to fully feel like I can call our house a home. I unpack box after box, deciding where I want to put things. I’ve made mistakes in past PCS’s by trying to unpack all the boxes and decorate our house quickly, just so we can be all moved in. But, then I’m left not feeling the house at all. I end up not happy with the end result. I, in return, feel like throwing everything away and starting from scratch, wanting to buy everything new again.

I’ve also made mistakes by unpacking our house slowly, so I can decorate and organize our house perfectly. But that was a total failure, too. If I move too slowly, I become bored and just want to give up. I end up never fully unpacking our house. I, instead, just throw things into closets, so it’s out of sight and hang pictures on the white/beige walls to add color and to help sound proof the rooms.

How do you move into a house after a PCS and make it successful?


4 thoughts on “A PCS Success?”

  1. This is our first duty station, house, and we just got married so we moved in with nothing. It was comical. We had a tv, tv stand, a blowup mattress and our clothes. That was everything in our entire 2 bedroom house. So, getting it together has been a very slow process because as lovely as it would be to make us go into debt so we could get everything we want right now, that hardly seems like a good financial move. Hopefully, when we do a real PCS we will get that unpacking balance down pat.

  2. Our first PCS is in the semi-near future and I am a bit scared! We’ve been here a long time, this is basically the only duty station my hubby has been at except for a stint in Quantico 30 minutes away. I wonder how that will all hit me too….

  3. I feel like the unpacking process helps me make the house our home. Every decision I make…where to put the dishes, where a bookshelf should go, what curtains in what room…help me transform it into our place. Also, the kitchen must be done first! I don’t know what it is about he kitchen but once that’s all set I can sleep well:)

  4. I unpack as insanely quickly as possible! I am the antithesis of a hoarder, and I try to use PCS packing as an opportunity to trash unused stuff. I DO NOT want junk waiting for me at the other end of a move! However, my husband IS a hoarder so I have to deal with his stuff. Sigh. I think it’s best to go at your own pace because everyone deals with PCS’es differently.

    Great post my dear!

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