Your Commissary Benefit: A Not-so-hidden Gem

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Save 30 Percent. Did you know that you could save money by shopping at your installation’s commissary? Your commissary is your grocery store, which carries the name brand products you have come to know and love at a tax-free, discounted price. On average, commissary shoppers can save up to 30 percent on their grocery bills compared to shopping out in town! With today’s warehouse and super stores, some might say prices are about equal. However, fruits and vegetables, items that do not expire, such as paper products, etc., frozen foods, and dairy products will usually be cheaper on the installation. Check out the savings for yourself!

Case Lot Sales and More. For those who tend to buy in bulk, do not miss the opportunity to shop at commissary case lot sales. At case lot sales, commissaries sell bulk items at a heavily discounted price. Each year, local commissaries partner with installation exchanges under the umbrella of “Fitness and Fun for the Family.” These events are designed to increase the military community’s awareness of the benefits of a healthy life style. During these events, military families can take advantage of commissary case lot sales; exchange sidewalk sales; morale, welfare and recreation fitness activities; demos and music; and industry-sponsored nutritious food samples, prize giveaways and discount coupon offers. For more information on your local case lot sale, grab your installation newspaper, or visit the Case Lot Sale page at http://www.commissaries.com/stores/html/store.cfm?dodaac=N&page=case_lot_dates .

What is the Surcharge on my Receipt? Military families can enjoy their commissary benefit, tax-free. You will notice, however, a five percent “surcharge” listed on the bottom of your receipt. This surcharge is used to maintain and improve our commissaries. In other words, this is how military families give back. Go, us!

Ask the Commissary to Carry Items. Did you know you can request that your local commissary to carry your favorite items? If you shop at the commissary and you do not see that brand of shampoo you cannot live without, visit the customer service desk and request that the commissary carry your item. If enough people request the item, the commissary will do their best to accommodate their patrons. The squeaky wheel gets the grease!

For more information on your commissary benefit, as well as great recipes, sales, and healthy living tips, visit the www.commissaries.com

Happy Shopping!


3 thoughts on “Your Commissary Benefit: A Not-so-hidden Gem”

  1. Great tips!! I just wish I was closer to my Commissary. It is a good 30 min drive away…

  2. Mine is too Nicole – we go maybe twice a month and do bulk shopping. So worth it!

  3. I tend to buy cleaning supplies/paper products at the commissary! It’s extremely convienient for me, 5 minutes tops, but I do find that WalMart saves me money on fruits/veggies/canned foods. I think it’s all about what you buy!

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