Online Friends or Real Friends?

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We have all been there, we have read the books, joined the million and one social networks, and many Facebook pages. We have sought out advice from the “wise”, even looked at our fellow spouses with puppy-dog eyes in hopes that they will help us understand. But in return we are all lost on being a Military Spouse.

When I first met my husband I knew nothing of the military. As we progressed from boyfriend/girlfriend to fiancé/fiancée, and then to husband/wife, I felt even more lost in this military world. I felt completely isolated, even though we live and work on a military base. I was brand spanking new to this lifestyle and utterly confused.

Arriving at Twentynine Palms I didn’t know a soul. I relied on my husband for everything: from support to girl talk (poor guy) to advice on what to wear. I had to find another outlet and not drive my husband crazy. I quickly remembered that I had a blog but had no idea what to do with it. Until one day I was online I found “The MilSpouse Blog Hop”. It was like someone was thinking of me and went ahead and created this massive bible of all military spouses who had blogs. It was amazing to finally “meet” other spouses, even though it was online and not feel alone.

Yes, I may have become somewhat obsessed with blogging but it was the best and only support I was getting, aside from my husband, and up until recently. Up until recently my husband joined a new unit, which was completely different environment from him going to school. Once he deployed I made it my mission to befriend other spouses in his unit and get out there. Now I have a more support than I would’ve imagined. One is the “human” support and the other, a fabulous online support.

Having online friends and having real friends are very different yet very alike. The only difference is that you can actually go out and have drinks with your real friends. That’s it. All military spouses are on the same boat. We are going through almost the same thing. Regardless, if you’ve met via blogging or in real-life, we are all the same. We are all Military Spouses.


2 thoughts on “Online Friends or Real Friends?”

  1. Ines, I actually just found your blog yesterday! I was on my phone, though, and couldn’t leave comments, so I am going to go back through it today! I was going to send you an email, too, I hope that isn’t weird! Frank and I are looking at 29 Palms, so I admit, I got a little excited that I could make another online friend/possible “real” life friend! Look for lots of comments in the next few days as I “catch up” on your blog! And I did want to tell you, the LINKS classes are amazing and really help with the acronyms and just all the confusing stuff in general! I took one here in Lejeune and it’s the best thing I ever did and seriously helps SO MUCH!

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