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The first time I saw a Memorial Bracelet I was somewhat mesmerized by it. Originally I didn’t know what it was. All I could see was a name and date engraved in it. I could have asked the person wearing it what it was, but by asking I thought I would be crossing some type of personal and invisible boundary. So, I never asked. After a while, it clicked in my head what that bracelet was. It was a Memorial Bracelet of someone who was KIA or POW during Vietnam. At that point I felt guilt- for not knowing what that bracelet was and for being so close in asking someone what it was.

Until recently, people only wore Memorial Bracelets when they had lost someone or someone was missing, mainly during a time of war. It’s logical. It is a small way those people can remember the fallen. It’s a great way of keeping their memory alive. Now there’s the new style, remembering those who are overseas fighting for our freedom.

I now wear a Deployment Bracelet. It has my husband’s name, rank, year of deployment, country of deployment and military branch on it. I
wear this bracelet everyday with pride knowing that he is out there, with thousands of other Marines, Sailors, Soldiers and Airmen, fighting for our freedom.

The first time I ever saw a Deployment Bracelet was on a co-worker. Her husband had recently deployed and she was wearing a leather strap with some writing engraved on it on her wrist. I had not seen her wear it before he deployed, so I asked and she showed it to me. Now that my husband is deployed, I made one for our families and me to show our support.

The Deployment Bracelet is just another way of showing your support. The bracelets are also very simple. They are not sold in bright colors (ie: neon pink) and they aren’t expensive.

I got my Deployment Bracelet through “Hero Bracelets,”  but there are many more other websites you can order from.  Also, take a look around your base. Many MilSpouses have started their own at-home-business by creating deployment bracelets out of regular name tapes that your spouse wears on his/her uniform. They are fun and innovative and another great way in support your spouse.


7 thoughts on “Deployment Bracelets”

  1. My daughter in law discovered these bracelets in 2006 when our son left for his second deployment. We all ordered the brown one with his name, branch, deployment dates, etc on them and wore them everyday until he came home. It was a great conversation starter to remind others about loved ones deployed.

    Also, unfortunately my son wears a black one that he hasn’t ever taken off with the names of several buddies that were KIA. He even turned down a job that had a ‘no jewelry’ policy. He doesn’t consider it jewelry, it’s part of him.

  2. I have a deployment bracelet on my wrist right now. I started getting them three deployments ago. I give the kids the choice of the bracelet or the “dog tag.” For the kids, it helps them feel that Dad is close, even if he isn’t here. We get them from as well.

  3. What a great idea, making deployment bracelets out of old name tapes! I have been wanting to do something more noticeable than a pin, and this would be just the thing to honor my husband. I knew it was a good idea to save that old name tape!

  4. I have never heard of deployment bracelets before! That is VERY cool! I really love this. I also love the yellow ribbon in front of the house <3 I am going to check out hero bracelets right now!

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