A Sacred Trust

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Republican, Democrat, or fill in the blank- much of the country was glued to the television for President Obama’s speech last night. And because my husband’s future (and therefore, our family’s future) could depend on what was said, I listened to every word.

There was one part of the president’s speech that struck me the most. He quoted a member of the military who recalled September 11th. “One soldier summed it up well. ‘The message,’ he said, ‘is we don’t forget. You will be held accountable, no matter how long it takes.’ Maybe, but all I could think was this: will we be forgotten?

It’s already happened in Iraq. When the announcement came that the troops would be withdrawn by August of this year, the country breathed a collective sigh of relief. According to Reuters, there are still 47,000 American troops there. While the news stories seem to focus on Afghanistan of late, I fear the general public may not understand how many families are still missing their spouses, siblings, and children. Not one of those 47,000 should be taken for granted or ignored.

Afghanistan is even more personal to me, because my husband and brother both spent nearly a year in that mountainous, sandy place. I recall all too well hearing IEDs exploding in the background while talking with them. I was shaking after the first time they echoed in my ears, but it’s something they must have head all too often. And unfortunately, announcing to the world that we are beginning a withdrawal does not tie everything up in a pretty bow. There is still gunfire there tonight. War does not stop and start so easily. War does not end with a speech.

I don’t hang my hope on any politician’s promises- to do so would be foolish. But President Obama later in said in his speech, “To our troops, our veterans and their families, I speak for all Americans when I say that we will keep our sacred trust with you.”

To all Americans, I would simply beg this of you; please keep that trust. Do not forget us now.

We have never forgotten you.


2 thoughts on “A Sacred Trust”

  1. Well said- it is a sacred trust and it’s often quoted, but true that an American Military member writes a blank check payable to the United States of America, up to an including their life. Our duty is 24/7/365, those of us who have been in or are related to someone who is in will never forget. If we can get the rest of the United States to understand that we might not continue going to war in the first place. Thank you for putting that into words!

  2. I personally didn’t watch the speech, nor did i care to miss it. I don’t listen to what that buffoon says. He spills nothing but hatred and deceit amongst all of our troops. He is a politician through and through and any moron can read him like a book.

    I dont listen to the blatant lies that they write about in the speech. The simple truth is, if anyone says anyone is coming out of Iraq or Afg, they are an idiot. WE WILL NEVER LEAVE IRAQ OR AFG. EVER. Has anyone ever been to Germany? hey how about Korea? I have been stationed to both. WHY ARE WE STILL THERE?? to help maintain order in those countries. just like we will be in OIF/OEF. Just to give a reader a clue on here that dont know, we have been in Korea for OVER 50 years.

    so to those that listen or even waste time watching our moron of a president, STOP. We will never be 100 percent out of IRAQ or AFG. get over it. its a fact of life. so stop listening to others. Look at our history as a fighting nation, we dont stop fighting. So if your a milspouse that is naive enough to think your husband is ever going to stop deploying, then you better look deep, the only thing that will stop him is retirement or death. The deployments will NEVER stop.

    Just to give a little background on myself so that you can see I am not some random poster. I did 11 years in the US Army. I received the Purple Heart for my wounds received during my last and final deployment. I was medically retired with 100 plus 70 percent worth of ratings. The Army was my life. I was sad to leave it. I chose my military life over my family many times over. If you don’t do that then your never going to make it. If you can’t allow yourself to fully dive into the job then you cannot fight the proper fight. I dedicated my life to my service. Now that I can no longer wear the uniform, I fight for Veterans rights with the American Legion and other service organizations. If you military member isnt a part of the Legion they are doing a Great disservice to all vets. i could write a whole blog as to why, but its off topic.

    so to sum up my ramblings, stop wasting time watching obama and his straight up lies. it will only piss you off when the timelines he sets get passed over time after time. if you remember his first timeline when he campaigned for the job was 2011….is your husband/wife still deployed? i am willing to bet at least 1 is able to say yes.

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