Out of the Moving Box: Episode 6



Angela’s Moving Tips

Here are my moving tips for this week, only a few weeks until the move and we really need to get moving.

  • All utilities are set up at the new home and all utilities in the current home should be scheduled for disconnection. Call companies to confirm turn on/off dates and ask for a confirmation in writing or via email.
  • Throughout the past couple of weeks, I have been packing all small items. As you clean out closets and storage you should also be placing things in boxes and moving furniture around. The real packing won’t start until next week, but at least all the small items have been taken care of.
  • With that being said, all personal items such as; paperwork, jewelry, photo albums, safes, personal care products, etc. should be placed in one area of the home so that it does not get mixed with things being moved in the truck. I highly advise you to take these things with you in your own vehicle.
  • Go to the post office or log onto www.usps.com to change your address.
  • Your new address should be updated at your Motor Vehicle Department, they will then advise you about updating your registration and license.
  • Have all your dry cleaning items cleaned. I took all my drapes and area carpets to be cleaned, so that when we move in all items are in a good clean condition.
  • Rent your moving truck! If this is a DITY (Do It Yourself) move, you need to reserve a moving truck to ensure they are available on the day of your move.


  1. Military Martha says:

    another thing to remember Miss Angela is that you must change your address on all credit cards and bank information- the change of address form doesn’t always cover it. I went online and changed everything right before the move, even updated autofill on the computer settings!

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