Learning to Use Coupons: Coupon Basics

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Coupon Basics

Basic Rules to couponing:

  • Buy the right item- Use the coupon only for the products that it is intended for.
  • Use only the proper amount of coupons- if a coupon is $1 off 1 then you only use 1 coupon with 1 item, if it is $1 off 2 then you use 1 coupon for the 2 items it is for.
  • Double and triple coupons has nothing to do with how many coupons you can use, the double and triple coupons or DO NOT Double or triple coupons that you see on the coupons is for when you are shopping at the store and if the VALUE of the coupon is allowed to be doubled by the store.
  • Do not use expired coupons, most stores do not accept expired coupons, although there are the few such as military members in overseas locations that can use them at the commissary.
  • Do not photo copy printable coupons- there are limits to how many you can print per computer, making photocopies of them is considered coupon fraud
  • Pay attention to the size requirements on the coupon and buy the correct size on the coupon
  • Buy products you need, other wise it is a waste of both your money and time, the exception to this is money maker deals.
  • Be knowledgeable of specific store coupon policies, each store has different policies and some will allow things like overage while others will not
  • Be organized, use whichever organization way works for you, there are many different ways to organize your coupons(we will discuss this more later on)

My number 1 rule for using coupons is:

Be proud of using your coupons! You are saving yourself and family money!

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  1. From a 30 yr couponer these are all great tips! I don’t always save a lot, maybe $5 a week, but whatever i save in coupons, I put in a jar and my husband and I use the money on date nights.

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